How to transfer Excel data to Powerpoint easily?
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I have a list of names on an Excel file. I'd like to transfer each name (along with other details) to one PowerPoint slide. Is there any way I can do this without having to manually type in each name?
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Have you tried copying and pasting cells from an Excel worksheet to a Powerpoint slide? I just tried this with Excel and Powerpoint 2011 for Mac and it worked okay.
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If you can get the list into text format (ie paste it into Notepad), you should then be able to paste the text into outline view in PPT. Should be easy then to make sure each line is the title of a slide then.
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You can just I insert your excel table as well
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You want a seperate slide for each person? If you can't get outline view to work like chesty_a_arthur suggests. I would try it this clunky way. I'm assuming all the information about each person is on one excel row. Copy the excel table into word, convert the table to text, with each row on a new line. Do a find and replace and use the special characters to replace the line breaks with page breaks. Then this is where I get fuzzy, I have done this and it wasn't too hard, but I'm not near my pc to test it out. I think there's an option to convert a word doc to powerpoint, or you might even be able to select all and paste it into a new powerpoint file, and each word page becomes a PowerPoint slide. Hopefully someone else might be able to help if you get stuck at that point!
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The easiest trick to transfer lists to PowerPoint is to replicate the dimensions of the data in Excel by creating a table in a slide. For example, if your excel sheet has two columns with first and last name and you have 5 different sets of names organized in this fashion, insert a table on the slide that is 5x2 (rows, columns). Copy from excel and with the table selected on the slide, paste the data. That should do it!
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Guys: not pasting a table. Trying to put one item on each slide without duplicating work.
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Can you format your Excel data with the page title in the 1st column and the data on the next line, 2nd column? If so, save the Excel file as .txt (tab delimited) then open it in PowerPoint as an Outline (in the open dialog change the file type to "All Outlines").
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Try resaving the spreadsheet as a .csv file ( you can do that in excel) and then open the .csv file in notepad. You should be able to copy and paste each name into a slide.
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I usually copy from Excel, paste into Notepad, and then I have plain text to deal with.
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Create PowerPoint Slides From A Word Outline

You can import a Word Outline into PowerPoint and create slides. Each Heading 1 style in your Word Outline will become the title of a separate slide and the sublevels of the Outline will be contained within that slide. Creating Outlines in Word gives you the flexibility of having all Word features at your disposal plus it is easy to evaluate and print.

To import a Word outline into PowerPoint, launch PowerPoint and open a blank slide. Choose Insert, Slides From Outline. When the Insert Outline dialog box appears, locate the Word file and double-click it. The slides will get created based on that Outline. All you have to do now is add the graphics and any other text you might need and jazz up the presentation.

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To add to the above .........

- Copy the list of names from Excel to Word.
- Open a new Word document.
- Paste the data. When you paste them, use PASTE SPECIAL (ALT-E, then S) and choose UNFORMATTED TEXT.
- Following that, select all and format to HEADING 1.
- Save the file as a standard Word doc or docx.
- Open Powerpoint to a blank deck.
- Under the INSERT tab, select NEW SLIDE then SLIDES from OUTLINE
- Find the Word file you just made and open that. If the individual entries are all formatted to Heading1, each line will become a new slide.

I hope this is what you needed. There are other options like adding blank fields following each entry per page, but that info is readily available on the intertubes.
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Do an Excel to PowerPoint Mail Merge.
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