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What length down rod do I need to buy for this fan?

I feel like I should be able to figure this out on my own, but I'm getting confused and I'm worried I'm going to mess it up, have an electrician come out and then have the wrong down rod.

I have 10' tall ceilings, but I have exposed duct work that drops down 19-20" from the ceiling. The edges of the blades will extend past the duct work, so the fan needs to be lowered with a down rod so that it safely clears the ducts.

However, I'm having issues figuring out exactly what I need. I think it would look better if it was as high as possible. I'm less worried about air flow because I'll mostly be using it for the light and I have a relatively small place anyway. Will 4" of clearance (by getting the 24" down rod) be enough?
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That should be ok, but it really depends on the model ceiling fan you are using.

A down rod attaches to a ceiling fan at the top of the motor housing. The fan blades are usually well below that point. Like this ceiling fan, for example. The down rod in the picture is small - but, you can see that the fan blades are a good 5in below where the down rod attaches to the motor housing. Between the 4in clearance in the down rod, and the extra inches of the motor housing, you would have plenty of clearance with this fan model.
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They state that a 4" down rod will have the bottom of the fan 18" from the ceiling. The diagram shows the 18", and several other measurements, so we can do some math to get the measurements you need.

Since a 4" down rod puts the top of the fan blades 8" (18-10) from the ceiling, that tells you that the top of the blades will be 4" lower than the length of down rod you buy, and the bottom of the light will be 14" (18-4) lower. A 24" down rod will therefore put the top of the blades 28" from the ceiling and the bottom of the light 38" from the ceiling. With 10' ceilings, that puts the bottom of the light at 6'10", and gives you 8" of clearance to the ductwork, which should be more than sufficient.
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There are 2 main requirements:
1. The bottom of the blades must be at least 7' off the floor. This is a safety requirement.
2. You will want at least 6-7" of clearance between blades and anything else to prevent wobble.

The schematic on the page is...limited, but it looks like 8" to the top of the blade ring. Assuming a 4" downrod, the hanging system gives you 4". A 24" downrod gets you 28" down from the ceiling, so that should be OK. Overall height will be 38", which puts the bottom of the glass 6'10" off the floor. Eyeballing the glass, it's definitely more than 2" from the glass to the bottom of the blades, so that should be OK.
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