Good Nevada brothel for couples?
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I'm a straight man, wife is bi. Married over a decade, but have had some fun group sex experiences together in the past. However sexy single females ("unicorns") are hard to come by so we're looking at a Vegas trip for some naughty fun. Need information.

Basically we're wondering first if one brothel is better than another for couples. Surely all are good for single men, but for couples? Second, how much would something like this cost? And third, any other tips involved? (Specifically tips for dealing with the brothel. Again, wife and I are experienced swingers so no relationship advice needed).

Throwaway e-mail address for anyone who would rather give us information privately instead of public posts here.
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I have never been to one but am somewhat fascinated by the sex trade and read a fair amount from former and current working girls. And really nothing I have read about the Nevada brothels has been real positive; they seem like pretty crappy places to work and consequently attract employees who can't hack it as independent providers. Unless you're super risk-averse I think you'd be far better off hiring an escort.

The Honest Courtesan has a pretty extensive FAQ section on all sorts of topics including couples stuff. I don't see any questions there about the brothels but you could submit one.
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