Good introduction to statistics class in the DC area or online?
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I'm looking to take an intro to statistics class this fall or summer. I'd be up for taking it online or in person, if in person it would have to be in or near Washington DC. It could either be an undergraduate or graduate class, but not one where you have to know calculus. Has anyone taken a good introduction to statistics class in the DC area or online that they could recommend?
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Here is a pretty comprehensive list of stats classes available this summer. Looks like University of MD has some intro ones all year and summer. STATA also occasionally hosts short courses in DC.
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If this would be your first statistics class, I would heavily caution you not to take a graduate-level stats course; they are typically targeted either at math majors or people with multiple years of experience working with statistical analysis.
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I took two of the intro stats classes at Graduate School USA* and they were decent, but it depends on the instructor. The school is equivalent in rigor or price to your average community college anywhere else (it's a "grad school" in name only, since the majority of students are professionals with bachelor's degrees already).

*at the time known as the USDA Grad School; it has since severed ties with the government and now operates as a private nonprofit
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I don't have any leads for you, but I would highly recommend that you try to find a class that uses this textbook.

If not, at least get a copy of it for your own use.
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Hi there, I took MTH 241 (Statistics I) at Northern Virginia Community College (the Annandale campus) two summers ago and it was fantastic--did a great job of preparing me for the biostatistics classes I'm now taking in grad school. Sadly, the instructor who taught the course isn't teaching it this summer, but I had good luck picking out professors via Rate My Professor. Good luck!
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