Why Even Bring It Up?
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My wife and I have been saying, "Why even bring it up?" to each other for years (the pitch of the voice starts out low and gets higher and higher throughout the question). Do you know where we could have heard the quote?

I'm pretty sure it's from a TV show or movie. I thought it was from Seinfeld or maybe the Simpsons, but my Google Fu has failed me.
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Isn't that the way it goes. After pondering this for weeks and minutes after posting this question, I remembered. It's from the Veggie Tales song The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.
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Funny, I totally hear Seinfeld in my head when you say that.
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You see, AskMe is truly unbelievable. Answers appear as if by magic!
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I know, I kept seeing Kramer in my mind's eye.

And it is amazing how well AskMe works :)
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