Chicago dog boarding for pooch that doesn't like other dogs?
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We are going to be traveling for a decent amount of time (1-2 weeks) and we need a place to keep our dear pup (a 50 lb mixed breed).

Unfortunately, our go-to option recently became a non-option, and we would love some recommendations for kennels, boarders, dog hotels, or unconventional options for our puppy who just does not get along with other dogs.

Any recs in the Chicago area? Does not have to be in the city. Lake County, even Champaign County would be just fine. Thank you!
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I've had several friends use to find in-home petsitting, with great success. (I've never used it, personally, yet.) You can find people who work from home, with no other dogs, for your pup. The great thing about this is it works well as an alternative to boarding places where your dog will be cooped up in a kennel most of the day.
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I'll be boarding my little guy next weekend for the first time ever, so I've been looking into this myself. I'm going to be taking him to Tucker Pups. (Website seems to be down at the moment, but since I've been on there a handful of times in the last few days I assume this is just some temporary server fart.)

Anyway, for boarded dogs you can do the kennel option or all day play (which they say they break up by size/temperament of dogs). My dog is great with other dogs, so the all day play thing will be great for us. I'd say that's probably NOT what you're looking for given that your dog isn't social, but it may be worth calling Tucker's to ask what options they have for you. I've only heard and read really, really great things about them.
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Our terrier is also not social with other dogs. We've boarded him at Tracy's Doggone Farm in Wadsworth where the dogs are unable to interact with other dogs (unless you enroll it in daycare) but you can have them take your dog out for one-on-one time with a human. The owners live on the property and our pooch has always been well cared for.
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Yes, look for someone to stay in your home. If you know anyone who's responsible and likes dogs and has roommates, they would be a perfect choice because (often) getting to spend a week with a house to yourself is a nice change of pace.
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Check out Bark Avenue Playcare. The owner specializes in difficult breeds, so while your guy won't be out in the playgroups, they certainly have experience handling difficult dogs.

They also do some pretty intensive training there, including socialization, so that might be of interest...obviously I don't know the details of your situation, but I do know I had great luck there with my dog.
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Is it possible to get someone to stay at your home instead?
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We also have a not-really-other-dog-friendly dog. For a long time, we boarded him with our vet, so you might check and see if that's something you can do. When our vet wasn't available or it wasn't possible for some reason (like boarding over the holidays), we would board him at Best Friends Pet Care (used to be Windy City Pet Care) -- it's on Elston, near North. Everything is priced a la carte, so you can add to the standard overnight boarding charge various playtime/cuddle time options. They were always really good about sending pictures and keeping us updated on how he was doing when we took long trips -- we were gone for 10 days one Christmas (traveling overseas) and were really worried about him, but he did great.

I agree that finding a house/dog sitter is probably the best way to go, if you can get someone who will be staying at your house, etc. I would not spend the money on a drop-in pet sitting service, though.
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