Name That Tune -- 1990s edition
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I have been wondering for month about a song I sometimes heard on the radio sometime between 1992 and 1997. The chorus is very close to the instruments, beat, and tempo in D.C. Talk's "Just Between You And Me" opening verses (starting at this spot here) but the singer sounds kind of like Seal. It's sung kind of wistfully, but I don't know any lyrics, just how it sounds. Any idea what it could be? I went through Seal's discography one by one, and it's not him. It sounds closest to "Prayer For The Dying", the same sort of delivery and tempo, but that's not it.
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It's not PM Dawn is it?
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Not PM Dawn.. looked through all their discography and none of it matches.
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Duncan Sheik - I am barely breathing?
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Not the Duncan Sheik song but thanks. Sorta close but there's no guitars and a driving tempo that's slightly faster, like the D.C. Talk cut.
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Here's Barely Breathing, for your reference.
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Any chance it's Blessid Union of Souls? "I Believe" came out around that time and was a modest radio hit. (The band skews Contemporary Christian these days, but at the time, they were just pop.)
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Can it be the Lighthouse Family - Lifted? I thought of it within half a second of playing your link.
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I Believe -- not it, completely different beat from the D.C. Talk track above

Lifted -- not it, this sort of has the beat but is not it.. it has kind of a positive, uplifting vibe
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Boring and non-specific, but in case you haven't tried it yet: looking at the Billboard R&B singles for each of those years might be helpful.
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Jon Secada - Just Another Day, or If You Go???
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Might it be Hootie and the Blowfish's Only Wanna Be With You?
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This might be way out of left field, but that DC Talk song has always reminded me of Brandy's Sittin' Up In My Room.
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My guess: Sovory - Did Mean What You Said.
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Ladybird wins the grand prize. "Drowning In Your Eyes" by Ephraim Lewis is definitely it, from 1992. Wow, my question was really a stab in the dark, and apparently my memory of it is a bit distorted after all these years. Nice work! Thanks all!
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