Work situation - am I worrying too much?
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I have asked my husband and sister, who are both professionals and say I'm worrying too much. There are three companies involved in this scenario: the first company I worked at for only 6 months, then had another short-term job involved after that. I took the 6-month job off my resume for a while because I didn't want to look like a job-hopper. Anyway, I interviewed at a company 6 weeks ago that saw my resume without the 6-month job on it; they ended up rejecting me for unrelated reasons. I put the 6-month job back on my resume, and then got hired at a new company last week. So it turns out this new company will be working with the company that rejected me (they are both gov't contractors that work on the same contract) I may be working directly with the phone interviewers that rejected me (I hope not though). I am probably being paranoid in thinking that they'll ever figure out I put the 6-month job on the resume for one company but left it off for the other, right? *I was completely truthful with the company that ultimately hired me; all jobs were on that resume and verified in a background check. People have advised me that if I'm ever confronted about it, to just say that I accidentally sent an old, outdated resume to the other company. Hope this makes sense, sorry for the confusion...
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Not only are you being paranoid in thinking that companies A and B will compare notes over your CV, you're being confused in thinking that there's any reason not to present different CVs to different companies.

That said: the first part is the important part. They will not be sharing your CV.
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They're not going to confront you. They're not going to compare the versions of your resume. You're fine.
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your husband and sister are right (i hope they're not the same person). people submit different resumes to different companies all the time. you got hired, good on you. you are golden, don't give this a second thought.
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Thank you for your honest answers. The government contracting world is small, so I was more worried that it would come up that I worked at that 6-month job, and Company A would tell Company B, "wow, Maggie never told us about that during her phone interview." But LOL, I know this is paranoid thinking...I should add that I unfortunately have mental health issues and get extreme anxiety over ridiculous things. That should probably be my bigger concern right now.
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I work in government contracting and --based on my experience working with my own staff and, frequently, partner staff and seeing resumes of both--agree with pompomtom to a T. Not to worry.
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I totally understand your anxiety - I know how real it feels. But there is absolutely no basis to be anxious here.
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I doubt anyone in the universe is important enough to anyone else to remember the details of an unsuccessful candidates resume.

And if they did, they'd have to go back and double check that resume to see if they had misremembered. Which who would bother doing?

You're fine. Nobody thinks about what you say or do more than you do. And nobody cares.

Which is usually a terrible thing about society...but in cases like this, it's a blessing.
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Putting fake things on a resume is not ever okay. Removing things from your resume is generally fine -- a resume is you advertising yourself, not you presenting every single thing you've ever done.

If you fill out a formal application and they ask you to list all jobs for a certain time period, leaving some jobs out of that list may be problematic, but a resume is not the same thing.
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I have gone into interviews for jobs and discovered that the person interviewing me hadn't even read my resume.

You're fine.
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Thank you all! Your answers have been very reassuring to me. LOL @ Xany...the same thing has happened to me, where the interviewer has not even read my resume. I haven't worked in 18 months, which is VERY clear on my resume, and sooo many interviewers have said, "Oh that's great that you are still working at Company X"...uh no...I left there 18 months ago! Haha
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There is one situation where company A will share a resume with company B in the government contracting world: If A is a subcontractor to B and they have to get approval from B before they hire someone. However, you're clearly past this hurdle so nothing to worry about.
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Unless you made a really terrible impression in interviews with the first company -- interviewed drunk or something similar -- it's unlikely anybody there will even remember your name six weeks later.
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Yes Runes, my company is the "sub-prime" on the contract, and the other company is the I was worried about that. But I don't think my company required any outside approval to hire me, and if they did, I am past that point like you said. Kythuen, I only had a brief phone interview, so they definitely didn't see me naked or drunk! LOL
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