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Favorite pairings of music + imagery?

I've come to realize that one of my favorite things ever is a great marriage of music and visuals. I was totally entranced by this hyperlapse video of Bern I watched this morning. I've also very much enjoyed the SF fog video that went around awhile back and the Los Angeles Nightfall video. But it doesn't just have to be pretty time-lapse videos of places, I also really liked the 2006 Where the Hell is Matt video. I even get a bit of a thrill out of those extended sports commercials where they match athletes in motion to pumped up music. I want more!

If you have a favorite video of this sort (or just anything that combines "cool visual" with "music"), please share!
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Oh I guess I should specify. In case someone just suggests any music video ever I'm looking for stuff that doesn't involve a ton of special effects/surreal stuff. Thanks!
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Not sure if this misses the mark but the first thing I thought of was my favorite commercial ever--over 10 years old but still gives me (good) chills.
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Oh and also, the opening sequence from the movie "The Fall" (again--CHILLS!)
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Go Right (particularly enjoyable if you have any affinity for video games).
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The Qatsi Trilogy, especially the first.
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The Sigur Ros film Heima has absolutely beautiful nature imagery. You can see some in the trailer.

Highly recommended.

Another clip
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Only in Dreams by Weezer paired with Cowboy Bebop. Probably only makes sense if you like one or both of those things already.
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Jazz violinist Jean Luc-Ponty - Individual Choice - great scenes of Chicago set to music.
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Dark Side of the Moon + The Wizard of Oz = Dark Side of the Rainbow
Black-Eyed Peas + Lawrence Welk = odd, odd, comedy.
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Perfect day + snowboarding in space - This commercial is a little old now but I adore it, it's such a great combination.
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Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
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Classic cartoons that sync the action to orchestral music, especially "The Rabbit of Seville" and "The Cat Concerto"

I always loved the way Hans Zimmer adapted his score for the Lion King to even small on-screen actions -- see, for instance, the stampede scene with the score only.

It doesn't have as much synchronization, but the full HD trailer for Planet Earth features mesmerizing visuals with great music.
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