How to find a good balloon twister in Northern New Jersey / New York?
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We're looking to a hire a good balloon twister / balloon artist for my kid's birthday party in Northern New Jersey but we can't find a Yelp equivalent for suggestions, and we don't want to pick one randomly from the Google results. Can anyone give us some suggestions? We're pretty close to New York City so someone from there would be fine as well.
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Did you try looking up "balloon animals" in Yelp? I see a few hits there..
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I was going to suggest the north Jersey Craigslist but it doesn't include reviews.
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There's a guy who comes to the Moxie Spot in Brooklyn. You could call there and ask for his name and contact info.
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One of my Facebook friends is a clown and balloon twister, who went to a big event in Rochester, NY, called Balloon Manor.

Maybe contact those people and ask for a rec? Pretty sure they would know people in your area.
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I can recommend Emily Season, aka Little Sammy the Clown! She's based in NYC but regularly works in NJ, and her dad Sam the Clown is based in central Jersey.
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