Need some Japanese reading practice.
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I want to receive one article, preferably about current events, written in Japanese, on my Kindle, every day. How can I arrange this?

I want to include practice reading "real" Japanese on a variety of subjects as part of my daily routine. To facilitate this, it'd be nice if I had a new Japanese article delivered to my Kindle Paperwhite every day. This seems like the kind of thing that'd be easy to arrange, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to do it.

My first inclination was just to search the Kindle newsstand for magazine or newspaper subscriptions in the Japanese language, but I didn't see any that were available in the US store.

My second idea was that I could use something like to automatically send Japanese content from an RSS feed to my Kindle email address. This should work, but which RSS feed should I use? I thought about subscribing to a feed from a Japanese newspaper, but they all have way too much content. I only want to get roughly 3-5 pages per day. One short article daily, or maybe a weekly/monthly subscription to a short Japanese magazine. I don't want my Kindle flooded with every new item that the press reports on.

Any ideas about how I can accomplish this? I'd prefer a source that is non-fictional and covers a wide variety of subjects, since the point is to expand my Japanese vocabulary. Other than that I'm open to just about anything. Thanks Mefites.
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Take a look at the Calibre app, which is useful for a whole bunch of Kindle-related things, including scheduling daily news feeds from 100s of sources. I just looked and there are 27 Japanese language news sources on there, and you can also add custom sources as well.
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...and to clarify - the manual there is showing how to set up the recipes for downloading; there are 100s of recipes already built into Calibre. You just need to select the sources you want and then set up a download schedule.
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Response by poster: @jquinby - That's an interesting idea. I already use Calibre and I might try using it for newsfeeds. But the problem with that is the Calibre app needs to be running in order for that solution to work. I'd prefer to have a solution that doesn't require me to manually run the Calibre app or keep it running on my PC all day long. A "set it and forget it" cloud-based solution would be much preferred.
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I recommend the Tensei Jingo column from Asahi for a non-fictional article a day on a wide variety of subjects, but it looks like they don't have an RSS feed, though you could make it work with Calibre.
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Response by poster: @Gotanda - I think you just nailed it! The frequency, size, and variety of those articles looks perfect. Thanks!
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