How do I file back/prior-year taxes with a IRS Wage & Income Statement?
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After filing my US taxes for 2013 on time, I've decided to bite the bullet and file my delinquent 2008 tax return. I am disorganized and no longer have any of my paperwork. I got a Wage and Income Transcript from the IRS site, which has all the info I need. Do I just file this transcript with my return in lieu of W-2s and 1099s?

I see that there is such an animal as a Form 4852, but I can get a replacement W-2 easily. I was originally given 1099s, but don't have them anymore and I cannot easily get copies. Is there an equivalent substitute form for 1099s (of the -MISC, -DIV, and -INT varieties) a la the 4852 for W-2s & 1099-Rs?

Will the Wage and Income Transcript work for all this? I assume this is the total of what's been reported to the IRS, and would be what they'd use if they just estimated and filed for me. And do I just throw a printout of that in my envelope with my W-2s and my 1040A?

Also: how do I find out about any penalties for late filing? Is there a place where I compute that and fold it into the return, or does the IRS just send me a bill after they accept and review the return? (I know that I'm past the deadline to file and receive a refund; that's okay with me if I can just make things right and get this off my shoulders.)

Thanks -- I know I can just call the IRS with all this, but I figure they're kinda busy right now.
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Is there a place where I compute that and fold it into the return, or does the IRS just send me a bill after they accept and review the return?

It's nigh impossible to compute yourself and they don't expect you to. We even paid a CPA to do our late taxes and she didn't try. The IRS will send you an itemized bill and you will have the option for a payment plan (unless you owe some absurdly high amount, I think $50,000).

I would honestly call them about the 1099 etc, or hire a CPA. It's really not that expensive and it's kind of a mess if you fuck this up. Just sit on hold, or leave a message.

I would file as soon as you can just to stop the penalties and interest from accruing further.
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You don't need to include the 1099s with your return, so don't worry about that. Don't include the transcript either -- just use the information to fill in the relevant fields.

If you don't have a balance due (i.e. you withheld enough to cover your tax liability), then there aren't any penalties. If you had any self employment income (1099-MISC), then you may not have had enough withheld to cover income and SE taxes on that income. If that's the case and you do have a balance due, the IRS will send a bill for the penalties and interest.

Be sure to use the 2008 form and instructions.
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Call a CPA-- a whole lot of them just became available.
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Call the IRS. They can and will help you figure out what to do and how to do it. It's their job to be staffed for this, so don't worry about that. If your tax situation is complicated, you need an accountant, but if it's not, consider buying a copy of 2008 tax software on ebay. It'll be cheap. If you owe, just file, pay what you can, and the IRS will calculate any fines. You can set up a payment plan if needed. getting it *done* will feel so much better.
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