Making A (Not Too Heavy or Bulky) Statement
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I'm going to climb a mountain. I want to hold up a banner and take a picture when I get to the top. Help me get a banner made that is ideal for the job.

I have a logo that I would like to have printed on a fabric or other material (I think the material selection is key) that will fit the following requirements:

1) Be lightweight and compact (has to fit in my bag and not weigh me down).
2) Be capable of getting wet without being destroyed.
3) Be available on some internet site for custom printing (I have my logo in a digitized format)

Anybody know of a service online that can help with this?
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Perhaps Tyvek plastic would work? The ultralight backpacking crowd uses it for groundsheets sometimes. Here's a list of printers who work with Tyvek (and they would probably have expertise and other ideas as well). Everybody works from digital formats these days.
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First thought: maybe you're carrying a space blanket anyway. Why not multitask?
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You're looking for a starched felt pennant banner like for baseball teams.

...also, it should say 'China' and you should take the picture upside down.
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I think any cheap polyester flag would probably fit the bill if you don't want it to multitask (I like the space blanket idea!). A lot of them come with a canvas header (where you attach it to a flagpole) but you could just cut that off.
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Tyvek for sure.
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How big of a mountain/how critical is it that this be a big banner?

I have done similar stuff by just using an iron on decal on a bandana- a bandana does come in useful, is cheap, lightweight, and easy to hold out, or to attach to a stick for maximum flag wavingness.

Simple logos work best.

Here are the first google results of "bandana on mt washington. Would something like that work?
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Do you have a printer handy? I've bought 11x17 tyvek sheets and run them thru a laserprinter.
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