Networking: Is there an app for that?
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I have a jailbroken iPad. I need to study for computer certifications (A+, Security+, Networking+) in a remote location, but I'm having a hiccup.

I'm already searching through previous questions for free downloads of the latest CompTIA certification books and other study material. However, I'm having trouble finding simulation software.

My main concern: I need to be able to build simulated and testable networks (IP structure, packets, etc) while in a remote location. I will NOT be able to connect to the internet, in any manner. I would strongly prefer it if this software was viable for my iPad, which would be easier to travel with.

Any other software for security or network simulation, testing, and/or visualization is more than welcome.
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You won't need it for A+ and Network+; I don't know Security+.

If you were doing CCNA, for example, then it might be important to have those things, but A+ and Network+ are pretty much book-learnin'.

All I know for these are Windows applications: Wireshark (packet sniffer), GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator) (needs IOS files-- not the operating system, but router image files, which should be licensed by are not, ahem, hard to find without going through the prescribed channel). You'll probably want PuTTY or KiTTY for Telnet/SSH, and an IP scanner; I use Angry IP Scanner. All free.
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I'm very late to this party, but maybe my experience can still be of some assistance. I passed all three of these certifications without needing to use any simulations. I just thoroughly studied the text book for each one, then prepared for the exam using the practice questions on MeasureUp. I used the online version of MeasureUp, but I've just had a look at the site & it says they have downloadable versions for $99 per exam (thus $99 each for Network+ & Security+, and $198 for A+).
Good luck!
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