In need of a kid-safe kindle cover
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our previous kid-centric tablet died and so did some research and bought a kindle. However, now we need to find a cover to help our kids from breaking it in half.

So far the searching I've done has resulted in covers that don't have access holes to plug them in for power, or just seem sketchy. So, if you have a kindle, and a few toddlers, what did you buy as a cover to let your kids play with it?
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Otterbox. They are definitely worth the money.
posted by govtdrone at 5:43 PM on April 15, 2014

I have Otterbox cases for my Samsung phone (survived falling 10m onto concrete) and iPad Mini (survived toddler vomit), so I would totally recommend the Otterbox products. I think I have "Defender" cases for both of my devices.
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There's gotta be a happy medium between the cheap ones and a $70 otterbox :/
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Try eBay if you haven't - not sure what Kindle version you have but there seems to be some sellers on eBay that are cheaper than Amazon's $70 (it's where I got one of mine).
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