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CCSF offers online beginning Italian, but that's all I'm seeing. I am looking for beginner language classes in any language that is not English or French offered online through a California community college. Can you suggest any?

I am aware that online classes are not great ways to learn a language fluently; I am not trying to become fluent, just getting a basic reading comprehension in as many languages as possible. For an example of the level of understanding I'm seeking-- I'd like to be able to guesstimate what a random newspaper article is about, even if I can't get details without heavy use of Google Translate. Keeping up with an online class and the threat of failing a class (even if I don't need it for anything) is a reliable way for me to stay motivated and do the work.

I prefer courses for credit via California community colleges that are entirely online with no class meetings. I will consider do-it-yourself programs online if you can convince me; I will also consider Bay Area classes with one or two class meetings per semester.
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Have you tried searching California Virtual Campus? They list online and other programs for colleges across Cali. I used it extensively when I was trying to complete my degree in Cali some years back.

(There is also Assist if you want to know what's transferable between Cali colleges.)
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As a complement to your studies in the online classes you might want to try an occasional lesson or conversational practice with a tutor from I am not connected with Italki except being a customer, I've had lots of lessons and have noticed a big gain in my confidence speaking. The Colombian tutor who teaches me, due to the favourable exchange rates, only charges me £5/ $8 an hour which is apparently worth her while over there.
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College of Alameda has conversational Japanese and several versions of Spanish. See
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