Short TV series with short episodes!
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I'm looking for good TV shows that have a short season (9-10 episodes absolute maximum) with episodes that are 30 minutes or less. A mini-series of 3-5 episodes that is available on Amazon Prime would be ideal. Does this exist?!
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Black Adder.
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Best answer: You might enjoy Burning Love. A few more episodes per season than you prefer, but I'm pretty sure each episode is under 10 minutes, so everything balances out.
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British or Australian sitcoms are going to be a good bet here, since they tend to do series of around 8 episodes. Maybe something like Spaced or Kath & Kim (not the American version)?
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I think you need to be a lot more specific! But how about Archer. Or Broad City. Or Review, which I believe is based on an Australian show of the same name.
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Seconding Archer.
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Key. And. Peele.
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Party Down. 2 seasons of 10 episodes. 30 minutes each. Amazon has it to stream, but not as part of Prime. It's totally worth paying for though. Great cast.
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Best answer: You're looking for comedies exclusively, then.

Anything British will be good (British series are usually 6-7 episodes).

Also look at US cable shows, which usually run 10-13 episodes per season. is a great resource to figure out what shows are streaming on what services. Does not cover YouTube, though.
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Peep Show! I don't know about Amazon Prime, but it's on (free) Hulu.
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Adventure Time!
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Seconding Black Adder.
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Are you looking for a maximum of 10 episodes total, or 10 episodes per season? What kinds of shows are you into?

I ask because I'd also recommend Red Dwarf. 10 seasons, 61 total episodes (average of about 6 episodes per season), 25-30 minutes per episode. I'd classify it as comedic sci-fi, leaning more toward comedy.

I'd classify Black Adder as comedy with a historical setting.

My wife really enjoys The Guild. That's a spoof on World of Warcraft and other games of that ilk.
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I came to suggest Archer and Adventure Time too. Also Venture Bros., but I don't think it's as funny as Archer.

But, all of these are 13 or so episodes/season.
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Best answer: Episodes--three seasons, with 7/9/9 episodes. It's set in Hollywood with two VERY dry British leads (Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig). The two leads are writers who have a hit British show that gets RUINED by the Hollywood machine. Bonus: Matt LeBlanc playing himself as a jackass.

It's kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm but less cringy, more funny, imo.
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Axe Cop maybe?
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Oh, also Snuff Box, although Snuff Box is definitely not everyone's cup of tea.
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If you can find someone to give you HBO Go credentials, then Bored to Death for sure. Three seasons, only 8 eps per season, but so very, very funny. I really wish there were more of it made.
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Agreed that you want British series, which often have "seasons" of 6 or so episodes (alas).

Try Spaced and Black Books in particular. They are good!
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Father Ted.
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Miranda, British sitcom staring Miranda Hart (Chummy on Call the Midwife, if you're familiar). Two six-episode seasons available on Hulu Plus. Well worth it.
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Best answer: A Young Doctor's Notebook, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm. Two seasons of four episodes each are available on Netflix streaming. Excellent, pitch-black comedy about a morphine-addicted doctor, his younger self, and the Russian Revolution. Also, be warned that it is pretty gory.
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Yet another British show, which I'm surprised no one's mentioned: Fawlty Towers
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Best answer: Posh Nosh – it's on Youtube.
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Enlightened starring Laura Dern had a 10-episode 1st season and an 8-episode 2nd season before being cancelled. Episodes are in the 25-30 minute range. Not quite a comedy, not quite a drama, but completely excellent! It was on HBO, so you would need HBOGo or pay for episodes.
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Coupling: Six best friends talk about all aspects of sex and relationships on their never-ending quest to find true love. 4 seasons (though the last is sort of weak having replaced one of the primary characters and featuring a pregnancy); half a dozen episodes per season.
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The IT Crowd, on Netflix streaming. Four seasons (or "series" as they say across the pond), 6 episodes each. About tech support in a soulless corporation.

Seconding Party Down, Red Dwarf (so hard), and The Guild. Party Down is much less nerdy than the others.
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Green Wing is another fun britcom.

If you can find it, you could also watch Slings and Arrows which is an often overlooked show that happens to have exactly 6 episodes per season. The episodes are longer than half an hour, but it won't feel like it.
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Flight of the Conchords. Season 1 is 12 episodes, Season 2 is 10.
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Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (Hulu) -- Only 6 made. Comedic gold though.
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I'll also say that a great one is Rock Follies. Two seasons, Region 2, so if you're in North America, you have to watch it on computer.

It is great, and although it was made in the seventies, it holds up really well.

Red Dwarf is on Netflix, and that's always been a hoot.
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THANK YOU for asking this question so I could realize that the best British hangout show of all time, Gavin and Stacey is streaming free via Amazon prime! There're only like 18 episodes all told, but it will feel like you've known these people forever. Also, they're very funny.
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