Is My Lawnmower Dead?
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I have a Craftsman mower with a 6.5 HP 4-cycle engine. Last weekend I changed the oil, put on a new blade, cleaned it up and generally got it ready for the new season. It started right up when I tested it.

Fast forward to today and my son goes to mow the yard. He reported that it blew a little white smoke, but since it seemed to be running normally he didn't worry about it. About 30 minutes into mowing it started clunking or grinding a metal on metal sound, and start blowing a lot of white smoke. That's when he shut it down. My inspection of it has revealed oil on the deck where none existed Saturday, and when I pulled the spark plug to check it was covered in oil. I can't get it to start at all.

Worn rings and time for a new mower? I got 10 years of service out of a $300 mower, so I don't really have any complaints.
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Yep. Worn rings and time for a new mower.
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Or broken piston or rod. And a new mower. I had a similar experience with a mower that threw a rod right through the crankcase.
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I just went through this last year. The oil leak is Satan.

I would rather go gnaw my lawn dog shit and all, than to have to deal with my RIP mower

Get rid of that thing as fast as you can.
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Time to resubscribe on that $30 a year lawnmower deal.
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It's not often we get a unanimous decision on Ask MeFi!
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