Recommend an android music player
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I've just made the switch from my old iPhone to a Nexus 5, and the only little thing bothering me is that the default music app doesn't display album or track lenths when you go to choose something to play. Should I install a new music player, and if so, which one?

I know it's a small thing but I cant understand why the default app doesnt display track/album length - when I choose a track or album I want to know whether I'll have time to finish it! As it is I can only see the length of individual tracks after I start playing them and can't get album lengths anywhere.
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I really like PlayerPro, and there's a neat effects pack you can download that does useful (i.e. not gimmicky) things to the sounds.
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I'm not sure what the default player is on your phone, but Google Play Music does do track length by default, at least on my phone.
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I really love Spotify. Everything you want whenever you want it. You have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited mobile, but it's less than $10 and so worth it. It does track length.
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Check out Double Twist.
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Rocket Player is good; or at least, not as terrible as everything else.
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My current player is Google Play Music, but if there's a setting to make it display thr track length I cant find it anywhere.
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it's surprisingly hard to find this functionality it seems. This app shows album length, but only when looking at albums in "Folder View", not the "album view". It shows track length in all views.
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Anybody have opinions on Rdio?
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I've just got an Android phone too. I'm trying out Poweramp. It does show track lengths, but not album lengths as far as I can see. (There are lots of options, so maybe there is a setting somewhere.)

The key feature for me is that there is a "Preamp" that lets me control volume in a way that the Goolgle player doesn't. I often need things to be much quieter than the lowest volume setting allows without that kind of feature.
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I use Poweramp, and while it's near perfect for me, I don't believe it can display album length.
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The MediaMonkey app displays both. It's currently in beta, but it works really well.
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