What is post-production like in Seattle?
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I am a freelance video editor/assistant editor working in advertising in New York City. Career-wise I am doing pretty well and working consistently, but I have recently been thinking of relocating to Seattle. Is there enough post-production work in the Seattle area to keep me fed?

I know that this might be a bit of an insider-baseball question, but - I have been working steadily as an editor/assistant editor for the past several years here in New York, working as a freelancer for a fairly high daily rate. I have always been interested in relocating to Seattle, and just by googling "post-production Seattle" I have found that there are agencies and post-houses (the facilities in which editors work) around; however, I am not sure if these places have the overhead to have assistants, whether there is a freelance culture in post-production, etc. Do any Mefites happen to work in the industry, and could they give me a quick rundown?
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I can't speak directly to post-production, but I have several friends and acquaintances who are media production types of varying stripes. The impression I get is that it's a very difficult market to break into. There isn't as much of an "industry" as in some other big markets in LA, SF, NYC, etc., so it can be difficult to find work, and is incredibly networking centric, but once you do, you're in decent shape.
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