What are some beautiful responsive web apps and dashboards?
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What are some examples of beautiful web apps that feature a really slick dashboard with maybe some basic data visualizations? Something very accessible with a light design touch?

I have a client who studies animal behaviors. I've done a lot of brochureware design for them in the past, but they're developing an app for tracking the habits of certain animals and want the data to live in a web app that's very friendly, not overly techy, but does feature a pretty impressive dashboard for the various datasets that will wow potential investors. Have you used any great web apps with the type of dashboard that fits this bill?
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From your description after the title, it seems like you're not looking specifically for dashboards that utilize responsive web design (RWD) technologies, right?

If that's the case, the first one that came to my mind is Chartbeat, which has a couple of online demos to show their dashboards. Here's a direct link to their publishing and everyone dashboards.
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Awesome. Yes please, more in that vein.
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All the dashboards.
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I'm building an app like this now -- sorry, it's not publicly accessible, but I can point at some things you might like to look into:

1) Google Visualizations. Their charting API is very good and quite easy to use. It does have a few rough edges -- for example, I wish it had better options to control axis labels. Check out their playground for some ideas. I'm using this one presently.

2) D3.js. Another powerful API that can produce beautiful visualizations. I've used this in the past on other projects, it's not as easy as Google's API but I'd say it's more powerful.

3) Highcharts. I've not used this one, but I've seen others recommend it. Its licensing costs aren't too bad.

4) flotcharts. If you're using jQuery already, this may be quite easy to learn. I haven't used this API either.
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I'm not 100 certain if this is what you're looking for, but I think WordPress.com has a pretty nice dashboard.
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Bootstrap dashboards
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The demo for Dashing looks nice. And the price is right!
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