Another annoying "what typeface is this"?
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Can you identify this typeface?

I had a hard drive crash. Most stuff was backed up, but I lost many of my fonts, and I lost the original .psd that this (quick and dirty, obfuscated) flat mock was made from. It was long enough ago that I have no idea what font it is, and it is none of the ones that I had backed up.

I tried identifont. No soap.

The W and the R seem pretty distinctive. The W and the M seem strange in relation to each other, but I am fairly certain they are from the same character set. There are a handful of other characters in the original mock, but none seem especially notable. No numbers or punctuation. I'd rather not post publicly any other images from the project, if I can avoid it.
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I wonder if it was a custom-modified typeface; i.e., someone took the vectors for the letters and toyed with the construction, so that technically it would no longer be a typeface. The style of the W doesn't match the rest of the letters. On the whole the letters are a slightly extended grotesque, but that W is an outlier. Consider doing Identifont again without including the W.

I'm sorry if that's not helpful, but maybe that will spur conversation for other, more knowledgeable MeFites.
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I should have been clearer - I made this, about a year ago. It was one of maybe 10 "well, fine then, what do you think of THIS font?" mock ups that I provided to the client. Because of the tossed-off nature of it I don't remember the typeface, and I don't think I would have spent the time to really customize it at that point in the project. And (I hope!) I would not have done so so in such an inconsistent manner.
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Hmm. that case, you could also try submitting the JPG image directly to MyFonts' What the Font service; they may be able to figure it out.

They also have a forum if the automated match attempt fails.
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Amazingly, I managed to find this quickly on dafont: Walkway.
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Nicely done, thank you so much!
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