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I found a stack of this paper in a desk drawer at work and now I'm in love. With no brand or other information, though, I have no idea who makes it. Photo Any suggestions on where I can acquire more would be greatly appreciated.
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This looks similar to paper we used to have printed by our local printing shop in tablets for our architecture office. Ours had the architectural firm's name and contact info at the top.
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any print shop should be able to recreate this if you give them a sample of what you have.
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there is this,

which is sort of similar

or this
which is out of stock and upside down

but appears to be available here
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Best answer: Holds envelope to forehead, intones mysteriously:
TOPS Products TOP77101, "Docket Gold Project Planning Pad"
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Response by poster: Perfect, thanks everyone!
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It was fairly easy to recreate in Excel, if you'd like to tweak it at all.
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