Make my husband look like a Seattle native.
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We are moving to Seattle in August. I'm looking for recommendations for "quintessentially Seattle" attire to get my husband for his birthday.

I want one of my husband's birthday presents to be some sort of attire that screams "I belong in Seattle" - something where he'll open the box and start laughing because it's just sooo perfect. Is flannel passe? The last time I cared about Seattle fashion was in 1994 when everyone else cared about it too. Something practical would be great, but impractical-but-awesome works for me too.

Anon because he is a Mefite.
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Anecdotally, fleece. All the fleece.
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Go over the top and get him a Souwester rainhat.
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a fleece jacket and those terrible toe shoes
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Fake beard, unless he already has a real one.
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Fleece, flannel, nalgene/sigg, once of those super lightweight down jackets that squishes into nothing.
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A Columbia Sportswear jacket, canvas tote bags with tech conference logos on them, socks + sandals.
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North face jacket.
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Convertible cargo pants, a plaid flannel shirt, and a coffee cup to go with his Nalgene.
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This may provide some guidance.
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No one here wears plaid flannel anymore. Fleece is eternal.
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It has to be a fleece vest.

Also hat-wise I'd go for the Seattle Sombrero. There are imitators, but the chin strap and velcro to hold the sides up are required.
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Oh, also I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Teva, Keen, etc. sandals worn with thick, wool socks.
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Oh my god, this ask feels like it was a snark trap designed expressly to get my account suspended. *bites knuckle*

When I say to myself, what kills my boner the most as I wander the streets, the answer is: Utilikilt. Try to look at one of these bad boys in action and try not to imagine Louis CK's Cup of Ball Sweat (tm).
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Also, this tumblr is kind of locally deservedly reviled for being ageist/sizeist/sexist, and it IS, but in between the tone deaf offensiveness of it, you can get a feel for what it looks like here now. (Local reaction to this tumblr in case you're interested.)
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Lardmitten is right. Utilikilt is the answer. It's not correct because they are so very common (thank god), but because AFAIK they are a uniquely Seattle thing, and the incidence of seeing someone wear one outside of Seattle would (hopefully) be so low as to make the Utilikilt a legitimate Seattle clothing stereotype.

If you are going to buy him something that he'll actually wear, the answer is a North Face (or possibly Columbia) hooded rain jacket.
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Buy him a Mackinaw Cruiser in a Seattle fit, from Seattle company Filson. These coats are great.
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Get a beer hat, but put a couple of to-go coffee cups in the holders.
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May be a bit obscure, but get him this Targus backpack. Amazon issues this type of backpack to their employees on their first day, along with their laptop. So, when you see them around town, there's a really high chance that they're a current or former Amazon employee.
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It also a really good laptop backpack, as well.
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If he bikes, get him Ortlieb panniers, which 100% of Seattle bike commuters use. Ortlieb backpacks are less universal, because backpacks aren't as much of a specialty item, but still present in a higher than expected concentration.

Also yeah, Utilikilts, ugh.
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I can only comment on the tech workwear uniform I'd see when Seattle would come down to the Bay Area. That is:

-sensible shoes
-chino pants
-subtle plaid long sleeve shirt, button down collar. must be tucked into pants, must have belt
-sensible haircut
-fleece vest

All in variations of browns or greens.

If I would give someone just one item, it would be an olive green fleece vest with an embroidered logo from some internal Microsoft or Amazon technical event.
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Yeah I totally take back my original answer and realize in the light of day that utilikilt is the way to go. I've been here too long; they are no longer pinging my weirdness radar. Which should say something.
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Columbia jacket/vest, a t-shirt with a unique local brewery logo, blue jeans and some kind of sport/hiking shoes. Bonus points for Sounders/vintage Mariners or Sonics hat.

Also, welcome! We can't wait to have you. Just don't freak out on the road when it starts to rain we'll get along great.
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*proudly waves Seahawks sweatshirt*
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(By the way, I happen to know the guy behind Utilikilts. He's an incredible douchebag. Please don't give him money.)
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A good rule of thumb for PNW casual attire is, "If it can't be found at REI or WestMarine, you don't need it." Allowances will be made for Seahawks, Huskies, or Mariners attire. That will probably result in the basic casual look. If you have a few more bucks to play with, no one in their right mind will regret owning a Barbour Beaufort waxed jacket and a quilted liner.
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As a Utilikilt-wearing ex-Seattleite, sorry for killing your boners. I see the occasional Utilikilt in Colorado, but far fewer than I saw in Seattle. I think that they are comfortable, practical, and fun, and definitely a Seattle thing. A bit expensive for a gag gift, if you don't think your husband would wear it.
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UGH. Seattleite here. Don't let him wear utilikilts, fleece, North Face, Vibram Five Fingers, plaid, Columbia gear, etc., unless those are things he'd wear anyway, and you/he are comfortable with him being stylistically tragic. Seattle is a big city. People wear all sorts of shit. Just have him wear whatever he normally would, keeping in mind that he may get rained on. On occasion.

Oh, and if he *does* like outdoorsy stuff, and is willing to throw a good chunk of money at "rugged, comfortable, and will outlast the original owner," Filson isn't a bad bet.
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A fleece vest with a logo from some Seattle- or Eastside-based company. Especially good if they're a biotech company.
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As a Seattlite: sorry, but no. The whole point is to wear what is practical and comfortable. If that is outdoor wear, go for it. If that is a utilikilt, go for it. If that is fleece and flannel, go for it. People wear outdoor gear because they are outdoor enthusiasts and already have that. But there actually isn't a "quintessential" Seattle outfit.

People do actually dress up stylishly. There are just fewer of them. The rest of us just can't be bothered with the cost/discomfort. (We're not actually going for a grunge look, or a goth look, or any such thing, in general.)

If you really MUST buy him something stereotypical, any of the above works. Also: Mariners gear. Socks and sandals. NO umbrella.
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I used to live in Seattle.
Here are two of my favorite things (that many other people wore, too):
Marmot Precip jacket
Keen shoes
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