Life check-in worksheets?
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I have recently undergone a lot of change in my life - ended a long-term relationship, moved into a new place (previously lived with partner), quit a long-ish-term career (9 years including profession-specific study) and as a combination of the above, changing a lot of my social group. I think this is a sort of make-or-break crossroads time in my life - so would like to actively work on and question what I want to get out of my career/personal relationships. My therapist suggested doing "life check-ins" where I spend time thinking and writing down these things. Does anyone know of any "worksheets" that might give me some guidance to work with? Even a check-list would be helpful, but I'm envisioning maybe a list of questions. Google has brought up some options but I'm looking also for personal anecdata about what has worked for mefites. Thanks!
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You could do the twenty statements test (write 20 responses to the question "who am I?") from three different perspectives:

Who YOU think you ACTUALLY are

Who OTHERS think you are

Who YOU would LIKE To be (your ideal self)

All of these are you to some extent. And you can see where there are discrepancies (e.g., between actual self and ideal self) and consider why that is and if you are ok with that. If you aren't ok with a discrepancy, think about if and how to reduce it.

Sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment. This is stressful I'm sure, but also a very exciting opportunity!
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I end up revisiting the checklist Clean Sweep assessment at annually.
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I liked the Unraveling the Year workbook. It is intended to be done at the end/beginning of a year, but I think it could work for any time of transition. It is a list of open-ended or listing questions that focus first on the past and acknowledging/honoring/grieving what has gone before, and then encouraging you to envision the future.
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This previous question may also be helpful.
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Oh my god I feel ashamed at not having seen that question. Thanks all!
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I like Dave Seah's productivity forms.

The Day Grid Balancer might be useful for you, or have some ideas you can borrow to throw something together for yourself.

His blog is worth reading too, he thinks about this alot.

I've also just made a big life change (perhaps not as big as yours), happy to bounce me-mails back and forth if you'd find it helpful to check in with someone?
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