Help Me Replace 'Raising Hope'!
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My wife and I watch 4 shows together, Raising Hope, Cougar Town, Archer and Girls. Of the four shows, she is more into Girls than I am (although I love the show) and I am more into Archer than she is (she isn't a first language English speaker and they speak fast, plus references that are impossible for her to understand) but we both love Raising Hope and Cougar Town equally. The problem is that Raising Hope is no more and Cougar Town will likely not continue. What can we watch together? I think we are generally looking for a fairly light comedy with some kind of buddy/family elements. Generally more recent shows preferred, but they don't have to be totally current. Thanks!
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Best answer: I'd like to suggest About a Boy. It recently started on NBC and the past shows are available on hulu.
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Have you seen Parks & Rec? It's a genuinely funny show with amazing characters who all care for each other in different ways. Definitely meets the "light comedy" requirement, and a lot of it is focused on the friendship and romantic relationships that develop between the characters.

One note of warning: both my girlfriend and I were completely put off by the first couple of episodes. Fortunately the first seasons is only six episodes long, so it's easy to skip that and go straight to the fresh (and hilarious) start of season 2. After that, it pretty much never, ever disappoints. Definitely my go-to show when I want to watch something I know will make me smile.
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Best answer: Try Bob's Burgers. The first season is a little rougher but unlike a lot of the other cartoons for grownups about a bunch of misfits this one is definitely built around the love the central family has for each other and their weird quirks. It's surprisingly positive, and unsurprisingly really funny. The main character is voiced by the guy who voices Archer (and there's a whole lot of other voice actor overlap) but there's less fast talking, so your wife might even be able to understand them better due to her getting used to their voices on hard mode. It's in the middle of its 4th season.

Seconding Parks & Rec, and yes, the first season is very unlike the rest of the show in tone. I don't think it's bad but it's just not the same show.

Have you tried the Mindy Project? It's getting a little bit soap opera-ish right now but it's consistently funny and has a good ensemble feel. There are a lot of references but they're mostly contemporary, and a lot of the humor comes from two characters playing off each other in unexpected ways, so you get a whole bunch of buddy groupings over the course of a season.
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Ugly Betty has pretty strong family loyalty themes. And it's very fun!
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I have a shameful devotion to Modern Family.
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Nthing Parks and Rec, which I think is the best comedy on TV right now.

Also, I bet you guys would like The New Girl. Light but clever comedy about four people sharing an apartment in LA. Similarly to Parks and Rec, the first season is a bit rough, so I'd start with the second, or just watch it now as it airs.
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Community and scrubs to full the Cougar Town void.

Bobs Burgers and Adventure Time have a lot of heart.

High Maintenance is a web series you might like if you like girls.
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And Happy Endings!
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Trophy Wife is surprisingly warm and funny and good.
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The Middle and Trophy Wife* are sweet little sitcoms with great characters and a focus on families.

Happy Endings could also be good, though it's very reference-heavy.

Community is even more reference-heavy, but damn, the first two seasons are incredible.

I assume you've both seen Friends?

(*Possibly the worst-titled sitcom since Cougar Town!)
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The Girl and I LOVE Modern Family and The Goldbergs.
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Trophy Wife was a fun show - it didn't get great ratings, so, I don't think it's getting renewed for a second season.

Brooklyn 99 had a hilarious first season and has already been renewed for next year. It's a workplace (police station) comedy, but there's definitely a wacky family vibe to the workplace.
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Broad City - the friendship dynamic is the core of the (hilarious) show.
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Best answer: The Neighbours had a shaky start and then a madcap meta second season that was surprisingly fun. Trophy Wife is all about family and has the incomparable Burt. Mom is a little dark with addiction issues, but has great moments and actresses. Sirens just started as a paramedic workplace comedy with the very first episode about friends being family, and is really good.

Skip The Millers - great actors lost to painful premises.

And always, my most beloved - Melissa and Joey. Cheesy but sometimes very funny, and sweet.
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Enlisted is light, funny, and the main characters are brothers.
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Best answer: Dig up Party Down. You won't regret it.

As for currently running shows, it sounds like you want very light entertainment, instead of heavy surreal like Adventure Time & Community. Definitely the New Girl (and the Mindy Project) work as Nice People Being Nice shows.
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Enlisted is a current show that was created by Kevin Biegel, one of the co-creators of Cougar Town. Unfortunately, it's been pulled from the schedule, and prospects look dicey for its renewal; but the episodes that have aired are pretty damn good. If you like Cougar Town, you'll probably like Enlisted.
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Bob's Burgers is the perfect replacement for Raising Hope.
You'd also probably like early seasons of the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle.
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Also I forgot to mention The Middle, which feels a little more traditionally sitcommy than a lot of the other shows mentioned here but is very sweet.
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You should also watch Friday Night Lights. It's not a comedy, but it's a great show.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, you are great. It is hard to choose a best answer, but I appreciate everyone's input. We will start watching and see what sticks! :)
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Seconding Brooklyn Nine-Nine — it's unexpectedly fantastic, and I agree that the overall arc is very found-family-oriented.
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My Name is Earl
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Yeah, if you like Raising Hope, try My Name Is Earl. Though Greg Garcia seems to have a tendency to lose interest around season three-ish. And if you try Parks and Rec, I wouldn't even watch the first season (or don't watch it until you are out of other episodes) as a starter.
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Best answer: Enlisted would have been my go-to answer given the shows you suggested, but that would require it to not be cancelled, which isn't looking good after Fox shelved the remaining four episodes. For something that is legit funny but still with a touch of humanity and more lightness than darkness, and that will be around a while, Bob's Burgers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be my suggestions.

That said, Rick and Morty is, I think, hands-down the funniest new show of the season, and it has a surprising amount of heart and emphasis on family despite the tendencies toward very dark humor.
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Scrubs! It's on Netflix.
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If you like the off-center wackiness of Raising Hope, you might like Better Off Ted - the whole series is available on Netflix, and though they do speak quickly, there are also some delightful sight gags in addition to the verbal humor; it's pretty easy to follow, and remains one of my very favorites.
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I'm loving the new Surviving Jack, which is airing on Fox. Hulu has all the back episodes right now.
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Seconding Bob's Burger's and Brooklyn 99.
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