Laptop battery replacement: worrywart edition
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I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z470, and the battery is pretty shot. I've been unable to find a replacement battery for this model through Lenovo's own site. I also can't seem to find an exact match for the one I have through third party selling. Current battery: labeled Li-ion 20, model # L09S6Y02. Closest match I found online, which claims that it's compatible with my laptop (but I could find no actual evidence): Li-ion 00, model #L08S6Y02. Put my mind at ease, Mefites: is this new battery compatible with my laptop? (And if I should return it, where should I get a battery, because searching Amazon for this kind of thing has been annoying.)
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What is the type code for you laptop? It should be on the bottom. Maybe under the battery.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure where to find the type code, or what it is (nothing which actually says "type code" among all of the codes I'm looking at). There's nothing under the battery. On the sticker with manufacturing # and such there's this, which is repeated on a separate barcode sticker:

Is that it?
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Response by poster: Update: bunch of crickets here, so I returned that battery and bought a non-Lenovo one off Newegg that claimed to be compatible and works so far, though I wouldn't say it's giving me awesome battery life (though I've probably inproved from 1 hour to 3 hours).
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