Do people dance at Matthew Sweet's "Rock Show"?
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Considering tickets to see Matthew Sweet in Indy this summer. Wondering what the general vibe is of this tour. Intimate venue. Intimate sit-and-sip-drinks-style concert or more danc-y?
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I've been to a few of his previous shows and couldn't consider any of them "dance-y". I'm interested to know if this will me more like the "under the covers" tour, or his regular stuff. From what I've heard, "under the covers" tour was more chill; not "dance-y".
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Best answer: Based on previous experience, not the current tour: more stand and sing along than dancy. Probably a few folks near the stage dancing; definitely not the majority of the crowd.

However, and I wish i didn't have to say this: set your expectations to low

He was at Radio Radio in October 2011 and played Girlfriend in its entirety (plus Sick of Myself, Time Capsule, She Walks the Night and We're the Same [thank you notes app]). I was absolutely pumped to see him - one of my all-time favorite artists playing a venue in Indy where I'd be guaranteed to be close to him.

The show was such a disappointment. Lots of artists have to modulate down as they age b/c of the damage they've done to their vocal cords, so I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for were really poor harmonies, glaringly loud sound, and sped up tempo on

I don't say this to dissuade you from going, cause it's still Matthew Sweet. I just want to prepare you with my experience of one of his rock shows at the venue where you'd get to see him. If I was still in Indy, I'd likely go, even after everything I just wrote.
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