Music in Motion
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What are examples of music that create the rhythmic sense of being in motion? Here is an example of what I mean.

I am not so much looking for "road trip" music (although there may be some overlap), but music that rhythmically evokes being in motion.
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The train beat! Most famous example: Folsom Prison Blues.
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I find many songs by Dinosaur jr. do this for me, they swoop and dive. But that is more about the guitar.
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Uptempo — Leo Kottke
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The Walkmen - The Rat has always given me a strong sense of driving, rollicking motion but, yeah, it's definitely through both the rhythm guitar as well as the drums.
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Best answer: This selection from Philip Glass's score for Naqoyqatsi has always evoked a sense of motion for me.
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Best answer: Beethoven's 7th Symphony, which Wagner called "the apotheosis of the dance."
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A lot of electronic music evokes that sort of sensation for me - not susprising given the often repetitive structures, and continuous motion basically requires repetitive, rhythmic activity.

Very different to the above examples, but Leftfield's Inspection (Check One) has always evoked a strong sensation of motion for me - but a very particular, dogged, relentless sort of motion.

Amon Tobin's Marine Machines is another one.

Back in the vein of your original suggestion, Jose Gonzalez' cover of The Knife's Heartbeats is lovely.
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Kraftwerk - Autobahn
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"Gallop metal"
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Best answer: Ligeti's "L'escalier du diable" suggests an imposingly infinite upward descent.
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For some reason, the very first thing that popped into my head when I read this was Flight of the Cosmic Hippo by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. It's definitely in motion- in slow motion.
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Radar Love
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Best answer: Masoko Tanga by The Police.
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Prime example, Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk.
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This question made me think of The Mars Volta's album "Deloused in the Comatorium".

Check out Drunkship of Lanterns.
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Best answer: Motorik!
Neu's "Hallogallo" is the prime example. See also: Stereolab - Jenny Ondioline
Here's a youtube playlist.


The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
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The Jayhawks - I'd Run Away
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Kraftwerk's entire "Tour de France Soundtracks" album.
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Walking blues
Key to the highway
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Grofé, in the Grand Canyon Suite, has a piece "On the Trail" that explicitly tries to bring out the feel of descending the canyon on a mule.

"Grofe’s musical themes are a juxtaposition of the herky-jerky gait of the donkey and the sweeping progress of the entire train. Grofe even includes the mules hee-hawing."
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Powerhouse by Raymond Scott (AKA the cartoon assembly line song)
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Iron & Wine's Woman King EP is full of horse gait rhythms.
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