I'm having weird home networking problems, and I need help.
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My wireless connections aren't cooperating, but a wired connection to the wireless router is working. Help, por favor.

The setup: My router had two networks - 'Deanna', which is secured, and 'Deanna-guest' which is unsecured, but requires you to sign into it on a Web splash page. My smart tv has a wired connection (via a powerline adapter) to the router, and it's working perfectly fine.

A couple of days ago, my laptop (a macbook) and phone (a Samsung galaxy) disconnected from the secured network 'deanna', and when I attempted to reconnect, I was unsure of my password, so I tried a bunch of different passwords, and nothing worked.

'Deanna guest' was still working, and I was able to sign in, but the password I entered on the splash page DIDNT work when I tried to use it on the secured network (the passwords should be the same).

NOW, neither of them will let me log on, - the secured connection times out, and the unsecured network connects, but the splash page never loads. (same same on my laptop and phone) - but the TV is still connected and working.

Possibly unrelated note - the two networks come from the same router, but often show different signal strengths, which seems strange to me.

Halp me please!
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Do you remember the login for your router? Plug into it and try typing on your browser.
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K8t, what does that do?
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That will give you the ability to see your network settings.

If a or doesn't work connect your laptop to your router with a cable and do a traceroute command and see what your first hop is (that is your router's ip address).

You must know how to get to your router's setup somehow in order to have setup the two networks in the first place.

Have tried just restarting the router? Unplug from power for 5 seconds and then plug back in.
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You can usually find the default admin password by googling for "router model default admin password" in case you don't have the manual handy. You'll need that to get into the admin screen.

If nothing else works, you can always do a factory reset. Usually there's a button on back that you press for 4 or 10 seconds.

There are two settings you'll want to turn off for the future. uPnP shoud be disabled and there should be a setting for administering the router over the wireless network.
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there should be a tiny button that you hold down to reset the router to the factory settings.....
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as I typed......
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Different networks strengths is a worry, so is the suddenly no longer working password.

I would replace the router. It is either on the verge of malfunctioning in more interesting ways, or it has been taken over by malicious software/third party.
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Before you replace it I would recommend a factory reset and to investigate alternative firmwares such as tomato or dd-wrt.
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Entering 192.168.etc into my browser didn't help, as the page wouldn't load (even when i was connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and was otherwise able to access the internet.) After attempting that, i had to go out, but when I head home i'm going to attempt a factory reset.

The router is less than two months old, so i'm assuming it's not a hardware problem. Malicious software is a concern, and i'm not sure i'd figure out if that was what's happening.
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i'm assuming it's not a hardware problem

If it's a Belkin, don't assume that.
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Factory reset. You'll have to set everything up again. If you continue to have problems, get a warranty replacement.
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the passwords should be the same

Maybe they were the same, but you should never, ever do this.
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