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I've been looking for this book I remember from my childhood - or maybe I dreamt it - that was a sweet little illustrated picture book about a Teddy Bear Masquerade Ball. This askmefi question is my Hail Mary pass. If no one else remembers this, I'll end my search!

My recollection is that the title was something like Teddy Masquerade Ball, but Google comes up with nothing.

The premise was just a book of illustrations of Teddy bears ( though they may actually have been Koalas) at a Masquerade Ball, all wearing lovely costumes (period costumes, like harlequins, princesses, and, if memory serves, even Napoleon?) and at the end, they take off their costumes and they all look exactly the same.

Very sweet, and I would love to get my hands on a vintage copy.
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Best answer: Bear Party?
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And for the record, it came up in a search for "teddy bear costume party", as I think most Internet Young'uns would use that term to describe such a costume event rather than using the term "masquerade ball," which may explain why you may not have been able to find it.
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Oh, wow. He's the son of Guy Pene Du Bois, one of my favorite artists.
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Response by poster: @EmpressCallipygos how wonderful! Thank you! I was definitely overthinking the search term.
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