What is the most awesome pogo stick?
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My son is great at pogoing. He's outgrown his last pogo stick, the Flybar Foam Master -- he's tall and the handle is too low for him to jump comfortably. He tried the Flybar Super Pogo but it left him with bruises on his knees (and mine, as well, from the little I did on it). Is there some great pogo stick out there we should know about? If there's some pogo superstore in the Seattle area we could go to, that also would be great.
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When my siblings and I outgrew our pogo sticks, we were graduated to the pogo ball.
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Nope, has to be a pogo stick, and adult-sized.
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I can't remember off the top of my head, but there was a pogo stick company on Shark Tank a couple of years ago. They were marketing an adult pogo stick designed for stunts and tricks.

Actually, I just looked it up and their name is Vurtego. I don't know if their pogo sticks are great, but I know they are adult sized.
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He weights around 120 lbs and shows no sign of stopping (we're all tall in the Corpse family). The larger of those two says it's for "ages six and up," which makes me think it's going to be too small.
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That Vurtego looks great. I'd originally thought "don't worry about the price," but that was before I saw pogo sticks could cost more than my first car...
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Vurtego is good, but if he really likes his Flybar, they make an extreme series...my bf has one, and he's 200+ lbs. It actually has bands inside that make it adjustable for different skill levels and weights. The 800 looks similar to his.
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