Android can't get txts from iphones. Have done ALL known fixes.
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My new Android phone won't receive txts from iPHones. this is a known issue in iMessage from Apple. I have done ALL the known fixes that have been suggested. I have read 10 articles and Already done all suggested fixes: I shut off iMessage, deregistered from Apple, asked people to delete me from contacts and delete all txt threads.
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Clarification: Have you previously had an iphone, which was receiving non-SMS "imessage" messages, and now you have an Android phone?

Are you sure your friends aren't sending messages to the "wrong version" of your contact?
Once I had my wife swear up and down that she had sent me some texts, which I never received on my phone.. but like a week later when I picked up my rarely-used ipad, there they were in imessage, because she had clicked the "apple" version of my contact instead of the "sms" version.
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I had this issue too. It sounds like you've done everything I did. I did have one iPhone user report that they had to manually select SMS instead of iMessage even after that. The only thing I can think of: are you logged out of iMessage on ALL devices? As in the case of jozxyqk's experience, they were on his iPad because it sounds like he was still logged into iMessage on the iPad. You have to COMPLETELY disassociate yourself from iMessage, on every device and at the apple site.
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Is the Android phone number that's in your iPhone contacts listed as an iPhone or as a mobile? When you create someone's contact listing on your iPhone, you can specify what kind of phone a certain number pertains to—iPhone, mobile, home, main, fax, work, etc.

Perhaps the iPhone thinks it's sending a message to another iPhone, when it's not actually an iPhone.
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So if you take someones iphone, who does not and hasn't had you added as a contact, and go into messages and type in your number then type like "asdf" in the send box and wait a minute... does send turn blue?

Some kind of handshake goes on between on the iphone and apples servers. The issue here is that on their server your number is listed as being associated with a supported os version/model of iphone to imessage to. You can easily test this by registering a different phone on CDMA networks, or swapping a SIM on GSM ones. This can persist for weeks.

I'm fairly certain they can access that info from the maintenance apps they have at the genius bar(i feel like this came up one of the times i was having intermittent issues with my phone and had a long chat with them), but i would be surprised if their phone support couldn't help you as well... but they charge for that if you're out of warranty, so you might just want to go to the store.
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Looks like you have to turn off iMessages on iPhone before moving SIM card.
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