What's the website where you can choose how much to pay for something?
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I came across this website a few weeks ago that was selling a web design/dev tutorial package, among other things. Depending on how much you paid (above or below the average price), you'd get a certain number of lessons from the total package. I also remember part of your payment went to the charity of your choice. There was a basic intro to HTML/CSS lesson, one on turning a Photoshop design into a web site, and 7-8 more for a total of ~$11. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Google Helpouts?
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Best answer: This one on Stacksocial?
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Response by poster: That's the one! Thanks Gomez_in_the_South!
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No problem. It works the same as the Humble Bundle does for games. They're both often featured on the Gawker media sites (Gizmodo/Kotaku/Lifehacker), maybe that's where you saw it.
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Dealotto is a similar system (but not for charity).
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