Help Finding Cute Japanese Bowls
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I purchased these porcelain bowls from TJ Maxx yesterday to use as feeding dishes for my cats. There were only two bowls at the store. They had a "Blue Moon Japan" sticker affixed and are stamped with the same name on the bottom. I would love to buy more in the same or similar color/pattern. My Google-fu isn’t strong this morning. I’ve only found tea sets from the same manufacturer. I would be thrilled to find the manufacturer’s website if only to find out what the pattern names are called.
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Best answer: No help with the manufacturer's website, but to get a couple more bowls I would try other stores. If there's more than one TJMaxx in your area (or even a Marshall's, or a HomeGoods they're all partners), either swing by, or phone them up. Stock in nearby stores is often somewhat similar.
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Yes, I fell in love with some plates at TJMaxx and picked up several more in other stores over a couple of months!
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Well one problem with these discount places is that they often buy stuff that is made just for them. However I agree with above posters to check out all the TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods stores in your area, and keep going back weekly.
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