Firefox XP Support Question
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Hello: I understand that Google Chrome plans to continue supporting the Windows XP operating system for another year. Does anyone know Firefox's position concerning this support issue? Thanks in advance. Mckoan1
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At least as of October, yes.
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FWIW, Microsoft seems to be still supporting XP even though it's past April 8. I got an automatic update yesterday; my friend who works at Google seems to think that they'll still be supporting it unofficially this way for another 6 months or so.
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Melismata: Windows XP as an operating system will not receive any further updates, and your friend at Google is misinformed. What you probably got was a delayed April 8th patch (they sometimes roll them out slowly, or you just may not have noticed that updates were downloaded and available until yesterday). The other possibility is that you got new Microsoft Security Essentials definition updates or updates for some other Microsoft product, which can come through Windows Update, and a few pieces of MS software (like MSE) may continue to get updates on XP even after April 8th.

In any case, there have been no OS patches since April 8th; MS groups patches like these into a monthly "patch Tuesday" release and the next one will not happen until May for *any* MS OS. You should be able to go to the Windows Update control panel to see exactly what got applied, regardless.

Sorry for the off topic, but I really don't like the idea that someone would think this way and use it as an excuse to stay on XP.
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