Everything awesome in Silverlake/K-Town LA
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Coffee? Drinks? Food? What's good in Silverlake/K-Town LA?

Where do I get coffee? What do I eat? Where do I find great beer? Great cocktails? Places to avoid? Shops (records...men's clothing...gifts...music gear, especially brass and electronics)?

I'll be there in early/mid-May, staying in an Airbnb spot of some kind. Maybe 8 days total.

I'm never prepared for anything in life. Help me set a precedent.
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Intelligentsia for pretty damn good (hipster) coffee.
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L&E Oyster Bar has great oysters.

Amoeba in Hollywood for music.

Skylight books in Los Feliz is a great little bookstore.

I like to work at LAMILL.

Cafe Stella right next to Intelligentsia is cute, though you pay a lot for what you get.
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La Luz de Jesus!
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I had some delicious pastries from Proof (this is maybe technically in Atwater Village? I don't live in LA, so I'm unsure of neighborhood boundaries, sorry!) and a terrific lunch at Forage. Enjoy your trip!
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My brother owns and works in a restaurant/venue back east and raves about Star BBQ on 6th. Seriously, if he could fly out here again just to go there, he would.
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Sunset Beer Co. (Please don't restrict yourself to Silverlake, Echo Park is around the corner and flippin' awesome. The neighborhood and the actual park itself, I'm sayin'. ;)

Headed back towards Silverlake on Sunset Blvd you'll find:
The Time Travel Mart (an 826 store)
Origami Vinyl
Two (!) Pazzo Gelatos
Intelligensia, yep.
Solutions, for your celeb-centric, overpriced used audio gear (and the Elliot Smith Figure 8 memorial wall).
Now we're getting into Los Feliz and Hollywood proper, but why stop?
Wacko/Soap Plant for gifts, if TTM wasn't enough.

On the other end of your map, Beer Belly for beer and everything duck fat. Then Iota or I ♥ Boba for nightcap.

If you eat meat with friends, try the Korean BBQ. Castle II on Wilshire is relatively cheap and fun, but there's like 800 different places to go in K-town and they're not that different. Shaved meat grilled at your table, is the basic and common idea. It's more about the people you eat with, or how much they charge you for All You Can Eat, or whether or not there's K-pop blaring everywhere.

Also, you should call for a meetup in IRL. Your average local LA mefite is much better in person than on paper.
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If you're into hipster culture at all, and wouldn't mind, for example, buying a $45 t-shirt, then spend your time in the Sunset Junction area of Silverlake. Pick random places to eat at, drink your Intelligensia capps, and shop at Secret Headquarters or any number of the other small boutiques in the area.
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Spend an hour hanging out at the reservoir. One of my favorite places in LA.
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Go drink a big bottle of Hite at The Prince in Koreatown and stare at the businessmen getting super expensive bottle service. $2 valet and they give you weird tortilla chips and duck sauce to snack on. Also I think parts of Mad Men were shot there.
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Oh, and for records don't skip Origami Vinyl in Echo Park. They also have awesome in-store performances all the time and it usually smells like pizza in there thanks to Two Boots next door. On Tuesday nights, the guys who own it host Record Club at El Prado across the street. It's very hipster, but they have decent taps and the music is fun.
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Response by poster: Sorry...I should have specified "no korean"--I live in Seoul.

Great so far!
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