Stylish, Cheap, Earrings in the Bay Area. Go!
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I feel naked without earrings. But... I have an earring retention problem! I am constantly losing JUST ONE earring, meaning that the only earrings I end up holding on to are the ones I don't like. Help me replenish my earring supply and support local artists! What are your favorite Bay Area spots for cheap (<$20 a pair), cute, locally-made earrings & accompanying jewelry? Any good street fairs that reliably sell cute stuff? Funky, big, unique, dangly, subtle, you name it! (I know I could go the Etsy route, but jewelry I buy online never looks like I think it will - I prefer in-person shopping.)
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Treasure island flea market!
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The Button Box in Noe Valley - 24th Street at Sanchez - has a lot of local designers as well as vintage, and the prices are good. Some will be out of your price range, but she often has great deals; worth a serious inspection each time. Not locally made, but Global Exchange carries fair trade items and they have less expensive earrings along with the fancier stuff, quite beautiful beadwork and other styles. The one in Noe Valley is moving, not sure where to, but check before you go. At the moment they're having a moving sale...
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And switch out the ear wires for lever backs.
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I'm not in that area, so I can't recommend a specific place, but what about various antique/secondhand stores? There can often be a lot of really hideous things, but you can find some real gems every so often. And they're usually cheap or very moderately priced!

Also, I am an earring loser too, but I use one of these type of earring backs and that helps them stay on too. If they're just those open loop backs--I will lose them within 20 minutes.
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Go to Claire's! The link will take you to the store locator. My fave cheap any-jewelry place.
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Alameda Flea market - first Sunday each month

Art Murmur Oakland - first Fridays 5pm-11pm

Also, the Renegade Craft Fair is huge and awesome. There's one in July and one in November. Maker Fair is in May.

There's a plethora of little shops that sell handmade jewelry -- Swankety Swank, Needles and Pens, and most of the shops in the Mission on Valencia, and in the Haight (sometimes the "shop" is a blanket laid on the sidewalk, but still!). Baubles and Beads in Berkeley also has some, and you can also pick up things to make your own if you are so inclined.

Nthing lever backs. If you are buying from a local maker, they will usually be happy to switch out backs for you, especially if you bring your own supply! It's also super easy to do yourself with a little pair of pliers.
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For cheapy earrings the less antique-oriented flea markets can be good:
Berkeley Flea Market at the Ashby BART
Laney College Flea Market in Oakland (great food here, Mexican and Salvadorean...)

There are always vendors selling lots of cheap, trendy, brightly colored accessories including earrings, leaning more toward the plastic and the made-in-china varieties.

At Berkeley flea you may find hippies or rastas or whomever selling handmade jewelry.

At Laney I have also seen a lady selling piles and piles of used jewelry with some interesting treasures if you dig through. Probably there are similar people at the Berkeley flea sometimes.
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I second the Button Box on Noe St -- I've bought lots of earrings there. I also buy inexpensive earrings from street vendors (Ferry Plaza, etc.) and on etsy.
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