Raspberry Pi ideas?
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I just recently got a Raspberry Pi system and I'm wondering what the best way is to revolutionize the tech in my life.

I currently am using OpenELEC on it with XBMC and 1Channel for movies and TV. However I originally had SABnzd and SickBeard running with XBMC to get me the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows and to add them automatically to the Pi on a USB hard drive.

However most things are available instantly on 1channel so I don't really see a need to use a Usenet source for things that I want to watch.

I thought about running Plex server on it but realized that I wouldn't really be using it much as I could just bring my Pi with me and start streaming my shows right away wherever there's a wired/wireless connection and an HDMI port.

Is there anything that can make my Raspberry Pi even more useful or cool other than my current setup? I really want to use this thing to an even greater entertainment potential.
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I use mine with RetroPie, which basically throws a bunch of emulators on it and a pretty good user interface for them. Controller setup was a bear, but once you get that settled you can pretty much just turn it on and go.

The downside is that 3D games for the PSX don't run at 100%, and the N64 Emulation isn't there. But most other emulators work great.
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Raspberry Pi was mentioned as a solution to one of my recent AskMe questions, so... are you looking for a headless web server to serve as a portable and searchable repository of information and files that you can access at home and work?
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Seconding RetroPie -- I've only used it for NES/SNES, but it's great at that.
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You have wifi for it? and an hdmi cable? Why not make a DIY Airtame? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/airtame-wireless-hdmi-for-everyone--2

Down that page they show prototyping with a Rasp.Pi.

This thread alerted me to the existence of Airtame.
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Furthering the retropie idea, AdaFruit sells a cool looking (although pricey) mini arcade box for it.
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