Wedding venue cancelled on me
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I need alternate venue choices for my May wedding in Katy, TX.

My future father in law offered his house to have our wedding. Last night, he tells us that he's unable to do this now. I have no idea what changed his mind and am now left scrambling.

The wedding is 05/17/14. The invites have already been sent and our relatives have already bought plane tickets, so I'm hoping to avoid cancelling this at all costs. I've contacted the Elks Lodge in Katy and am waiting on a response, but any other ideas of where to hold a wedding at short notice or how else to salvage this would be very much appreciated. Cheaper is better, but I'm open to any suggestion at this point.

It does need to be in Katy TX as that's were all the out of town guests are staying. The wedding is 60 people in total.
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Wow, that's crappy--talk about your FIL starting off on the wrong foot.

The city of Katy has some available to rent out spaces which you could inquire about:
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Vacation rental brokers, possiblely Airbnb. Here's a house for rent on Airbnb in Katy adjacent to George Bush park, for example.
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Have you checked out Eventective, yet? There are non-Katy options, but there are a few.
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Wow, what a jerk! You can rise above it beautifully.

Ask friends if they'd host for you.

Try State and City park pavillions (I don't know how fancy your wedding is to be.)

60 isn't that many folks, so one idea is to pick a large restaurant and have it there.

See if a church has a fellowship hall, and do it there. Who is officiating? If it's someone who does weddings often, he/she may have ideas of places.

Try a UU church in Houston. Surprisingly inexpensive. Our wedding was in a UU church and there was plenty of room.

We had our reception in a local Cuban restaurant that used to be a Chi-Chi's.

Good Luck, you can pull this off with grace and elegance.
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Either of your family members members of or eligible for the VFW? I have friends who have used their facilities for weddings.
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I see that the Katy Heritage Society can be booked for events, including the historic Stockdick home. You could also have the wedding outside and use the bandstand if you think the weather will be okay.
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I had a wedding of similar size in my parents' back yard. At this late date, someone else's house might be your best bet. Do you know anyone else in town who owns a home you might be able to use?
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American Legion halls, Lions Clubs, historical society meeting rooms, some small museums, parks....
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My wife and I had our wedding, with 75 guests, in a tent in a neighbor's back yard. My mother-in-law rented it from a place that does event tents; it was one of those white, sturdy, high-ceilinged tents with plastic windows and plenty of room to hang some lightbulbs in case there was rain (in the event, the weather was great--sunny but not too hot). We arranged for folding tables for the post-wedding reception.
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Have you been working with a local caterer or florist? They have done lots of weddings and know some places we wont think of.
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Masonic lodges also often rent their halls. (The Katy lodge doesn't seem to mention rentals on their web site but it's worth giving them a call.)
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Some hotels have meeting rooms available, or you might try shothotbot's suggestion.

A couple of yelp reviews. Not sure if they are out of your budget, but worth checking. This place has spaces too.

The local golf club has a venue too.

Good luck and congratulations!
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Oh! Another thought.

A TON of apartment communities and condos have Clubhouses for rent. Call around, to large apartment complexes in your area.

Our complex is gorgeous with a catering kitchen, butt tons of seating a ginormous tv area and a pool table. Also, a pretty patio with even more seating.

Broadstone Grand Parkway looks like they have a similar set up.

Another thing, do you have a hotel where out of town guests are staying? Perhaps they'll give you a deal on a meeting room/ballroom.
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Apologies if this is a stupid idea because of time or financial constraints, but might you consult with a local wedding planner? I have no idea how much lead time a planner might need, but assuming you've already got some of the catering, etc. sorted out, one might be able to work with you on sorting out the venue.
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This community clubhouse advertises it's available for rental:

This park offers pavilions and a community center:

This place just opened recently and looks lovely:

I live in Katy, memail me if you need any help or have any questions.
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UPDATE: The girlfriend of future FIL found out what he did and read him the riot act. The wedding is back on at his place, but you all helped me find a little clubhouse that might just work. I'm headed out to Katy this weekend to check it out. I'm also buying that woman flowers.

Thank you all so much for the ideas, because I was stuck and panicking
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Huge flowers! Tons of flowers! And make sure she's invited to the wedding --- not just as his +1, but invited on her own fantastic-human-being account.

And even though it'll cost you more to rent the clubhouse or wherever than future FIL's freebie backyard, go with the clubhouse: it'll be worth it for the lower drama risks.
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