Need mover in New York City
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Needed: New York City -to- New Jersey mover, plus someone who buys and removes whatever is left in an apartment.

My sister and I are in the process of moving my stepmother from a Roosevelt Island apartment to a New Jersey assisted living facility. We need a mover to transfer a little furniture and bunch of boxes (really just one large room's worth of stuff). And then we need a reputable person who will remove remaining furniture, kitchen contents, surplus clothing, tchatchkes, etc. Up here in New England we would just have a garage sale and cart the rest off to Goodwill, and make a couple of bucks in the process. Is there somebody in NYC who will take it away and pay some fraction of what it's worth? I suppose a bonus would be if the movers and estate-removal folks were one and the same.
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Try posting an ad (or searching through) Craig's List - you should be able to find movers and people to buy / remove your stuff.
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Try Big Apple Antiques. They do estate appraisals and "broom-clean" buy-outs (as in they buy everything and leave the apartment broom-clean), as long as what they are buying has some value.

Big Apple Antiques
430 East 188th Street
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 220-4018
(212) 475-0023

You may also consider the super in the building - (s)he may be willing to clear out the apartment in return for the stuff your stepmother can't take with her.
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