Whaddaya mean "no new episodes"?
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I'd like some more podcasts to listen to. Stuff I already like after the fold.

Here are my regularly-listened-to podcasts. Bold are the ones I really like. Can you suggest more stuff along these lines?

Jordan, Jesse Go!
How Did This Get Made?

Hardcore Gaming 101/GC9X
Weekend Confirmed (which is no longer recorded; a replacement would be awesome)
Roguelike Radio
RetroCollect FM

Role Playing Public Radio
On Board Games

Planet Money
Welcome to Night Vale
Mysterious Universe
Stuff You Should Know

Here's some stuff I tried to give a shot and didn't enjoy enough to keep trying:
This American Life
Savage Love
Giant Bomb
Judge John Hodgman
Stop Podcasting Yourself
Wham Bam Pow
99% Invisible
Gamers With Jobs
Game Informer

Also I am not at all interested in political news/current events/etc.
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You need to start listening to My Brother My Brother and Me. Like right now.
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If you like Welcome to Night Vale, you might enjoy Thrilling Adventure Hour, particularly the episodes that include Beyond Belief segments. There's some cast crossover between the two podcasts as well.
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Doug Loves Movies? Lot of overlap with the How Did This Get Made crew/guests.

Also, and this is completely out of left field, but I've really been enjoying the History of Rome podcast. It's just a guy slowly reading mildly sarcastic essays about the history of Rome in a near-monotone, but I find it fucking fascinating. Rome was fascinating, and it's interesting to learn about something so distant and so alien and yet which we have so much info about.
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"Oh no Ross and Carrie" might be up your alley--fun scientific-minded hosts who investigate fringe science, the paranormal, etc.
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Hardcore History (the Wrath of the Khans series is very good)
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The Incomparable, especially Total Party Kill.
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I second My Brother My Brother and Me.

Given your interests, I'd suggest trying The Flophouse - a couple of writers from the daily show, plus another guy, talking bad movies. The Incomparable - bunch of nerds being nerdy, they also have a Dungeons and Dragons playing podcast called Total Party Kill.

Video game stuff - DLC - Jeff Cannata hosts it and Garnett Lee is often on it - so it is like Weekend Confirmed. The Besties - a Polygon podcast featuring two of the brothers from Mbmbam, though it has since gone to monthly status so yeah...

Also, I really like Pop Culture Happy Hour from NPR.
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Each podcast is only about 3 minutes long, but you might like The Hidden Almanac.
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Kevin Allison (from MTV's "The State") has an excellent podcast called "Risk!" that features storytellers telling the stories "they never thought they'd dare to share." Awesome stuff...probably my favorite podcast right now.
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Startalk Radio
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The Flophouse - Bad movies!
Hardcore History - Long episodes about history
Stuff You Missed In History Class - Also from the HowStuffWorks company
Throwing Shade - This is a little bit about current events, but there's also more general discussion
Escape Pod - If you like science fiction
Doodie Calls with Doug Mand - OK, it's a podcast about poop, but it's funny and occasionally quite insightful
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Oh, and You Look Nice Today still very occasionally has new episodes.
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Good Job, Brain - All trivia, all the time.

The Memory Palace - Tiny snippets of history (although if you didn't like 99% Invisible, you might be iffy on this).

Star Wars Minute - Okay, you have to love Star Wars for this, but it does crack me up.

And if you want something a bit more music-focused, I will continually promote Project Moonbase over everything else in the world. (Except for Night Vale. God, I love Night Vale.)
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Dead Author Podcast

You might look at some of the Grantland podcasts, depending on your interest in sports and/or pop culture. The channels are a bit of a grab bag with different shows each day of the week.
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Thirding "My Brother, My Brother, and Me."

JJGo's Jordan is a frequent guest on "Indoor Kids"
"The Truth is "short films without pictures. We're a contemporary take on audio drama, and we love exploring unusual approaches to telling stories with sound. Every two weeks we present a new original story."
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The Secret Cabal is a good boardgame podcast which also usually has 1 feature per episode on RPGs.
Shut Up Sit Down (the best boardgame review site) also has a decent podcast.
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Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny.
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You should look into the AV Club's Podmass series, which goes over a bunch of podcasts every week. They always introduce a new podcast every week and they've started doing a 'drop in" section for podcasts that they used to write about a lot, but that they haven't talked about in awhile. If nothing else, it can give you some episodes that you might want to check out even if you aren't a regular listener.
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I like a few of your bold choices. I'd recommend Ask Me Another.
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We have a lot of overlap, but two I enjoy that you don't have listed are:

Hollywood Handbook

and You Talkin' U2 To Me? (Note: A high interest level in the band U2 is not required to enjoy this podcast)
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I don't totally understand how someone can really like Jordan Jesse Go! and not like Judge John Hodgman enough to listen to it. What do you think of the other Jesse Thorn vehicle, Bullseye?

I listen to a lot of podcasts but I don't think that our tastes line up very well, so I don't feel very good about a particular recommendation beyond that.
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I don't totally understand how someone can really like Jordan Jesse Go! and not like Judge John Hodgman enough to listen to it.

I am one of those people. I like Jordan a lot (enough to listen to Indoor Kids when he guests, even though I normally find the podcast pretty grating), and his interplay with Jesse is great on JJGO. The Judge John Hodgman podcast is a totally different beast, and I think your enjoyment comes primarily from your appreciation of the John Hodgeman persona.
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Your bolded titles mirror my own playlist pretty closely. I'd add The Flophouse as #1 Must Add to your list. Look for the episodes with the Original Peaches (Dan, Elliott, and Stuart) - BRATZ is a good start and considered a classic.

The Andy Daly Pilot Project has been a recent favorite. It was a limited season (8 episodes) but dang did it burn at both ends.
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Echoing Doug Loves Movies (although less enthusiastic about The Flophouse; if you like How Did This Get Made? for its manic energy, you might find Flop to be frustratingly adenoidal) and Pop Culture Happy Hour. (Also, if you like Stuff You Should Know, check out Freakonomics Radio.)

I've recently become a fan of Throwing Shade because the hosts are really good at riffing off each other, though it is more stridently political than most. And instead of hearing yet another ad for Stamps.com or SquareSpace, their ads are like bizarro public-radio fund-drives where they take turns annoying each other with ridiculous characters. It's unexpectedly endearing.

Who Charted? is one of the more unusual interview-based podcasts around, since (1) it's built around a countdown of the top 5 pop (or other genre) songs and movies of the week, so there's always something to discuss apart from the usual "tell us about your career" line of questioning and (2) they don't spend ten fucking minutes of navelgazing before actually getting each episode started (ahem, How Was Your Week/Nerdist/Girl on Guy/WTF).
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I really like the back and forth dialogue on Cashing In with T.J. Miller and I think you might too
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Full disclosure: the people who make the podcast I'm about to recommend are friends of mine.

That said, I would listen to it even if I didn't know the podcasters, and I recommend it because it directly lines up with your stated tastes, not because I'm shilling for my friends.


The Science Jerks is where it's at. It's 45 minutes to an hour of talk about science, hosted by two nerdy comedians -- so it has a much lighter touch than something like Radiolab. Every week there are guests, and both Metafilter's Own Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris of JordanJesseGo have (separately) been on the show.
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I think you'd like Idle Thumbs.
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Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann's Answer Me This! has moved to a frustratingly rare fortnightly format, but it's good, and there's a shitton of backlog if you want to go diving.
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Nobody's mentioned Comedy Bang! Bang! yet, really?
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I can't listen to anything but Harmontown anymore, which is also hilarious because I'm on, like, episode 11 of 90 and they're all absurdly long (80-110 minutes or something), so i have basically a lifetime of material yawning ahead of me. It's not really *about* too much, except for Dan Harmon's life and friendship with Jeff B. Davis and I guess his relationship with Erin McGathy. They have started a D&D campaign (the dungeon master was plucked from the audience and is amazing; I hate D&D and have never played it, but am even enjoying that.) The podcast starts as Dan has been fired from Community, and I feel like it's having a couple of awful, difficult friends who I love.

Is that an endorsement? I don't even know. Anyway, Harmontown. It is a podcast.
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There's this really great horror movie one called We have Such Films To Show You but they don't come out nearly enough. :P
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You might want to try Uhh Yeah Dude.
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Indoor Kids.
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Seconding Idle Thumbs also try RebelFM. Sorry no link - blocked by work.
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The Morning Stream: Two nerdy dads talk about stuff and things, video games, riff on celebrities (the segment really is called "Celebrity Poop"), Star Trek and cover songs. The second half of each episode is different depending on the day of the week, rotating between TV/movie spoiler chatter, fitness and weird(er) news, Netflix/streaming picks, tech chatter and... therapy. Yes, you heard right. One of the daily guests is a a real, practicing therapist, and her segment is so popular that a limited-run spinoff podcast series is being made along those lines.

Actually, I'd suggest anything off the Frogpants podcasting menu, because Scott Johnson is just that freaking boss. EFFADOG!
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