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Where should my business go next on social media?

Facebook for business is changing yet again and as a result it's no longer much of an opportunity for engagement; we're viewing it more as an advertising channel. The cost of ads is going up and organic views are down to 7%. Still inexpensive though and effective for our awareness/branding if not conversion, but reviews from members and ads from us don't add up to a conversation.

The question is where do we go next for engagement? Twitter is a great way to communicate and stay in the loop within our industry - our peers, regulators, etc. are all there and we're active. Wouldn't g+ be a duplicate of that? (We are also on vimeo & put our reports on issuu.)

We are a credit union and actively involved in the community so our branches have tons of pictures of neighborhood events they're involved in - we'd flood our fb & get blocked from everyone's feed if we posted them all. But it's definitely enough for a tumblr, should we be there?

Currently rebuilding our website so we'll have a blog of sorts & less static, more timely info of value to readers. But we need to reach people where they are. (Assume we're posting useful info, not noise. Not worried about content.)

Complicating things is that our target audience is 18-80, rural and urban, connected 24/7 and computer-less. So we do still need to be brick&mortar in addition to digital.

I have tons of "research" from vendors hoping to handle our digital media for us. I would appreciate links to current info from reliable sources about where sm is going next, especially for financials/insurnace companies/other industries that people want to have around but don't necessarily want to engage with.
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Actually, unfortunately, you really do want to be on Google+. Not for the engagement, but for the favor which Google will then bestow upon you. He who controls the search looks kindly upon those who use its social network, or something like that. Normally I would say don't bother with Tumblr, but your case is slightly different, and if you want to acquire new younger customers or at least provoke associations with them, on people who are computer-less and therefore using mobile devices, it's possible Tumblr might have some efficacy for you.
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I've been having a lot of luck on instagram. Especially if you are posting a lot of pictures of events and stuff. Plus it is stupid easy and fast.
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