This is my perfect running song. Are there others?
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Azwaw by Cheb Mami for some reason has exactly the perfect rhythm for running. However, if I listened to it for the whole 3 miles or whatever, I would go insane. I mean, it's a nice enough song, but.

I've tried putting it through some free BPM software but it seems like that's not very accurate? Other songs that supposedly have the same BPM do not have the same magical effect.

Also, I'm not sure if it's in some kind of weird time signature, and maybe that's what works, rather than the actual speed? Any thoughts?
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Best answer: It seems like it between about 85 and 90 BPM (I didn't use software... I used a clock and counted beats for 10 seconds... you could also say it was double that, it sort of depends how you count). The time signature is not weird (totally standard 4 beats to a bar, same as in most western music), but it does have a nice little upbeat action. It does have really strong, even percussion, especially in the latter half, and that's what you're reacting to?
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I have no idea if this is helpful, but this is... one of my perfect running songs as of late. It's faster, but the beat and the intensity of it are good. What works/doesn't work about this song compared to your fav?
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Check out Yoav's Greed, which has a very similar beat.
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Response by poster: Stoneandstar, the part at about :45 is perfect! If it kept that beat all the way through it would be amazing but it kind of stops and starts too much.

Greed is maybe a little too fast but it does have that...springiness...that I think is a lot of what I like about Azwaw. The Kanye song has that too.

The other thing I really like in Azwaw, on listening more closely, is the deep drumbeat that starts about 30 seconds in. It's very propulsive. :-)
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Trilok Gurtu's The Beat of Love is on my running playlist. Very propulsive beat.
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Best answer: Paul Simon's Obvious Child is one of my favorite running songs, mostly thanks to the drums. The internet says it's 92bpm.
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How about Jonsi? Boy Lilikoi has a bit of a slow build but is trippy to run to and has that 'kick in' feel. Go Do has good a good running drum.
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Maybe you just want more rai? Search for genre = rai and find some clips, like this.. I'm no expert on it, but I love rai, I love the beats, particularly Cheb Khaled "Aicha" which is beautiful (the live version is even better in my opinion, from an album "1, 2, 3 Soleils")
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Response by poster: Oh, maybe I should be looking at samba! I think that's the closest yet.

Thanks, everyone.
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Response by poster: Update: I discovered a great app called Pace DJ that looks up the BPM of all your songs and makes a playlist for you based on the speed you like.

Also, it turns out that "Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond is also one of my perfect running songs!
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