I need help identifying a book.
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I don't have much to go on. Who wants to take a stab at it?

All I remember about this sci-fi (futurism?) book is that the protagonist was affiliated to Tufts University, and he had a lot of indoor plants. I may not be remembering it right, but I believe a good portion of the book was given over to the care and maintenance of these plants. The one thing I am mostly sure about is the Tufts affiliation. Does this ring ANY bells?
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Well, in a kinda mixed up way, maybe you're thinking of Tuf Voyaging
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I went to Tufts and I've read a fair amount of sci-fi, and this rings no bells at all. Are you sure it's not another Boston-area school? Maybe call a reference librarian at the Tisch?
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Response by poster: It was definitely Tufts, not Tisch, and it wasn't so much a fantasy as it was futuristic. I remember Tufts, I remember that the protagonist is lonely, and he takes care of plants.
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The Tisch is a library at Tufts -- they're more likely to know about books featuring the university than pretty much anyone else.
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