Is there such a thing as a PG-13 version of Rocky Horror?
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Your stage experience has mostly been variations on the Vagina Monologues, political spoken word, or absurdly sexual burlesque. You secretly want to be Joan Jett. You're auditioning for something that asks for a monologue or song that is PG-13 at the most - what do you pick?

So there's a contest where the main prize is a shot at Broadway - I know my chances are super slim, but I love any excuse to perform, so I thought what the heck.

The application requires a short monologue or song about anything, but it has to be at the most PG-13 (I was told specifically no swearing if possible). This poses a problem, as most of my theater work has been rather NSFW in theme - hell my strongest performance is a deconstruction of the word Fuck. And then there's all the burlesque I've done, which is more political than sexual, but there's still nudity.

I do have a fair amount of spoken word poetry, which they said was fine, but I wanted to try my hand at something different - especially something musical, since I love singing and don't get to do that very often.

What pieces would be fun to explore for someone who's used to edgy sex-and-politics pieces and wants to be a rockstar, but is still relatively SFW? A friend pointed me to the direction of Joan Jett's turn as Colombia in Rocky Horror, which sounds ideal, though it's been a while since I've watched RHPS and would appreciate suggestions on apt pieces. Or any other suggestions, really.
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"Wig in a Box" by Hedwig and the Angry Inch came to mind right away. Make sure you give it time to kick in.
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Something from RENT would likely work. Maybe "Over The Moon", if it fits your vocal range?

There are also some nice songs in Spring Awakening, which is a bit more risque than RENT, but as long as you don't pick the song about masturbation or sexual abuse, you're probably fine. I'd probably go with "The Song Of Purple Summer", which is beautiful and sort of sensual, but not specifically adult. It's an ensemble song, but I'm sure there are solo arrangements out there.

You might also look into something from Cabaret -- Sally Bowles' songs are no more risque than your typical radio pop.
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Check out some of the choice bits in Caryl Churchill's Cloud Nine.
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What's your range? It'll be easier for folks to recommend songs if they know more about your voice.
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Geez these days Rocky Horror is PG.

How about "I'm going home" ( Dr. Frank n Furter's finale? )
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Response by poster: mollymayhem: Alto.
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There are some great bits in "Blown Sideways Through Life" about the playwright working in an escort service, as the receptionist. It's not racy, but it's fun and bawdy.
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What about old bawdy jazz tunes? If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It, or If I Can't Sell It, I'm Gonna Keep Sitting on It are two of many.
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Bawdy jazz tunes brings to mind "Million Dollar Secret" by Helen Humes.
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There's also the classic "Big Spender"
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Pretty much anything sung by Eartha Kitt is laced with innuendo, she's sung so much more than the overplayed "Santa Baby". She has a wonderfully playful and flirty way of singing which would I think would be fun to do in a more edgy manner.
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I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest "Special to Me," Phoenix's audition song from Phantom of the Paradise.
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Response by poster: So I went the opposite tack with this - I took White Town's Your Woman and turned it into a monologue. It's closest in emotion to the deconstruction-of-the-word-Fuck piece I mentioned in the question, and it's one of my favourite songs ever, so this was fun to do.

Thanks you all, especially for the tip about Joan Jett in Rocky Horror!
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