What was this Japanese comic about cigarettes?
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LongShotFilter: I'm looking for a Japanese comic/illustration I saw online about 10-12 years ago. It was about two packs of cigarettes in love. (...I think.)

Here's what I remember about it:
  • It was on a Japanese website.
  • I think I saw it at some point between 2001 and early 2003.
  • There was little to no text/dialogue. Whatever was there was probably in Japanese.
  • The only English words I remember seeing were the names of the characters: "Tar the Cigarettes," "Nicotine the Cigarettes," and "Pip the Smoke Gost [sic]."
  • The illustration style was simple: line drawings, not a ton of details or shading, a pastel color palette. I remember it as kawaii with a slightly creepy/weird edge. Aranzi Aronzo is in the same ballpark.
  • I recall the characters having white Annie-style eyes.
  • I'm pretty sure there were multiple panels/images, with some sort of narrative. I think the two cigarette packs were romantically involved in some way, and the smoke gost was either their kid or just some little guy who hung around a lot. In one scene, they were sitting at a table at an outdoor cafe.
It's been over a decade since I've seen it, so I could very well have some of these details wrong.

I doubt this will ring a bell for anyone, but I figure it's worth a shot. If you recognize this, I will be amazed and grateful.
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