Where do I find a freelance graphic designer for a quick turnaround?
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Hi all, I have a quick ask for a graphic designer. Need to mock up a landing page - does not need to be final design, and with about 24 hour turnaround. Don't want to spend a ton of money - up to $100. Are there any places I can go to ask / designers willing to help out? I would ask designers at my job, but this landing page is for a personal project and they are extremely busy already.
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might want to try mefi jobs.
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Local university art programs will likely have a student willing to do this. You'd email the program director and politely stress the urgency even in the subject line.
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Elance. You can get it done fast and quick.
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RocketStart and LaunchRock allow you to create awesome landing pages (including signups, analytics, etc), for free. You can register a domain for $10/year1 and do an invisible redirect.

1 Please do not use GoDaddy... they are the scumbag of all registrars. If you are looking for recommendation, I personally use Name.com.
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Ubounce is another place for doing landing pages.
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Using LaunchRock or similar service is cool. But don't expect a talented graphic designer to make you a page for $100. That's like asking for an oil and filter change for five bucks.
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