Where can I get sheet sections of tire tread?
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I'm looking at a print based project and am on the hunt for A4 or A5 sheets of tire tread, as if it's been removed straight from a tire. Is this possible?

Bonus points for a UK or even European source.
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Some tire shops in the U.S. have sheet samples of tire tread at the counter. Call around and see if they have any old ones or a supplier that my sell some to you.

Is there is a place nearby that retreads tires? Would a section of retread work? That is the tread part before it goes onto the rest of the tire? Maybe they would sell you a section or give you a piece that is too small to be used on a tire?

Good luck.
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Any tire store should have old tires laying around. Maybe one would give/sell one to you that you could cut apart?
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