I came here to buy Ceasar... not to overpay for him.
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Okay, so I have a friend in Austria who looooves Ceasar salad dressing. (I used to smuggle it in my suitcase from America when I'd visit her.) As a surprise little "I'm thinking about you" gift, I've been thinking of mailing her a bottle or some salad dressing mix, but I just can't figure out how to do it at a reasonable price... German Amazon is asking for $28 to send a $5 bottle of Cardini's to Vienna. Anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks! :D
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Get her packets and post them directly? Sticking 12 envelopes in a Jiffy bagto post will cost about $5 to Austria. One or two on their own from your grocery store will go in a standard envelope, I'd imagine.
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Call a restaurant close by and have them make it / send some over.
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This is a really sweet idea! How much is "reasonable" to you in terms of cost?
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Do you think you could bumble through ordering it on a German or Austrian site using your browser's translation tool? This place has it for €5.
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Not quite what you want, maybe, but this app comes highly recommended:

The Best Caesar™ is a project years in the making and one close to my heart. My father lovingly taught me the preparation when I was a kid, and now I’m thrilled to be able teach you.

Gorgeous photography, free, but it's an iOS (only) app, not edible, and likely to leave you feeling hungry.
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We have Caesar dressing in the UK - it might work out cheaper to buy it through a UK supplier/UK Amazon and get it shipped to Germany from here. Inter-Europe shipping will likely be cheaper than shipping from the US. This would likely also work for other European countries that also have the dressing in their culinary repertoire.
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I'm not trying to be unhelpful, but since homemade salad dressing (of any kind, but especially Ceasar, IMO) is light-years better than bottled and dead easy to make, why doesn't your friend make her own? The ingredients are pretty universal (anchovies, garlic, salt, egg and oil (or mayo), lemon juice, mustard, Parmesan).
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Response by poster: #&@$ it. I posted an answer hours ago and now it's gone. >:(

Actually, there are a number of answers that were there earlier today that seem to be missing too. They were all about giving her recipes to follow. Don't know where they went.

Anyhow, although they're gone I'll address them... I appreciate the lectures about making your own dressing being a better solution, however that isn't what I asked for. If that was what I wanted, I wouldn't have asked for help! You don't know my friend... When she visited me, I even had a friend's dad come over (he was a chef) and teach her how to make it. It was a flop because SHE VERY MUCH DOESN'T ***WANT*** TO MAKE HER OWN SALAD DRESSING.

The reason this is a thoughtful gift is that I know her and this is a little surprise to say "I'm thinking of you and know you love this but don't want to make it."

Also, I DID try to buy it from Amazon Deutschland, and as I said the dressing was under $10 but the shipping to Austria was upwards of $25-30. If that's all I can do, I will... but I posted this just hoping someone had a better suggestion because $30 for salad dressing does seem overpriced.

I appreciate all of your suggestions, don't think I don't. I am just trying to find a solution to send this gift. Although well intentioned, a recipe just wasn't what I was hoping for.
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Response by poster: If I have to, I'll do what Darling Bri suggested and mail packets. I just was hoping to send her a bottle of Cardini's since they're alleged to have invented it. I did send her some from the US in the 1990s for her birthday, and it cost me like $60. I was just hoping to find a way that it would be easier (and cheaper) now.
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If you spend more on your order, you might save wasted funds. can you send the salad dressing with some salad tongs, upping the cost, but not spending the money on shipping fees?
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First class international mail would charge about $15 for a one-pound box going to Austria. A bottle of salad dressing is about fourteen ounces, usually, isn't it? It's not a ton cheaper, but it might be an option--just be sure to pack the dressing well, like put into a ziplock and then rolled up in those inflatable pillows.
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This one liter bottle on Amazon.de is €17, but is Amazon-fulfilled, so ships for free to Austria if the order total is €20 or more. Add another small Amazon-fulfilled item to the order (croutons?) and your total cost with shipping is around €20.
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